New Product Drop: Viking Strength Nutrition

It's what we've all been waiting for: a clean, healthy and great-tasting nutrition line that is sure to help you reach your goals—and just in time for the new year!

There are two main issues with nutrition products, including powders and supplements. The biggest barrier to trying a new product is trust. Trust comes down to the company reputation and the ingredient breakdown. The concern is that companies’ top priority, as businesses, is profit. This would mean that large companies might be too far removed from their customer base to feel morally bound to the product they are selling, which calls to attention the ingredient breakdown. Synthetic ingredients are cheaper and usually fine, and can be relatively effective; however, they’re not actually good for you. It’s hard to trust large companies when the main goal of any business is to make money, even if they’re selling a product we put in our bodies.

The second issue is in the matter of effectiveness. Does this product actually work? The health food industry makes its money selling products that promise to yield certain results, whether that’s weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, hair growth, hormone balance or a multitude of others. The consumer spends money hoping it will amount to the promised result, and not simply the product that turns up in the mail.

So, the solution to big companies with mysterious ingredients and ambiguous results is a local company, with a product made by real people invested in their community, composed of only four ingredients. Viking Strength Sports has been empowering their clients day in and day out—both mentally and physically—as well as the Savannah community. The natural next step was to offer nutrition products to help clients achieve their goals. They launch their nutrition range this Saturday, December 12 which kicks off with protein powder.

Viking Strength Sports Nutrition protein powder and nutrition label

The Viking Strength Nutrition powder is all-natural and 94% pure, with egg white protein as the power source. The only with ingredients are cocoa or vanilla extract (depending on the flavor), stevia extract and sunflower lecithin—all organic. There are zero synthetic additives, only the protein your body needs. That’s 18 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar.

The bottom line is: if you’ve got goals in the gym, keep it simple. Why make it harder than it needs to be? If the objectives are physical and mental growth, make sure your nutritional choices support your goals.

Photo: Viking Strength Nutrition

Check out this awesome, new product by local Savannah gym, Viking Strength Sports: