Meet Yoda

Featured in our Summer issue, South's Greatest Pets Honorary lack-of-floof, Yoda.

While it is said that a pet’s job is to be a person’s best friend, any pet owner will tell you they do so much more than that – and that’s what makes these “furry” friends South’s Greatest Pets.

Owner: Gena Sullivan
Nickname: Chicken
Age: 1.5 years
Breed: Sphinx
Favorite Toy: Bird feathers on a string

Like my name suggests, I am “at one” with the forces; I’m also big enough to admit I bear a slight resemblance to the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Speaking of order—it’s kind of my thing. Some may call it OCD, but I love structure. There is a time and place for everything: nap time, snack time, cuddle time. When I don’t go to work with my mom, I know exactly when she will be home so I can greet her at the door and hear about her day. She says I am an excellent listener compared to my fellow felines. 

Did you know that hairless cats need a weekly bath? See more pictures of Yoda and other furry friends in South’s Greatest Pets here!