McManamy Jackson, PC

Is your real estate transaction truly secure? 

Imagine you’re about to buy the house of your dreams. You share the news on social media and email, then you get to the closing only to find out the transaction was hacked. Goodbye down payment. Goodbye house. Hello courtroom. This scenario is happening everyday in residential real estate closings across the United States. Financial crimes are low risk, high reward for hackers, and the real estate industry is a prime target.

The lawyers at McManamy Jackson, PC know their enemy. MJ has beefed up its infrastructure and online security to protect its clients from this fate. “We’ve invested in a highly secure, custom online portal – MJ Live – because we know how important it is to protect our clients’ data and their financial security,” Michael Ganem, the firm’s Chief of Operations explains. MJ Live allows buyers, sellers, and realtors to send and receive information securely through the McManamy Jackson office.

“The joy of buying a home is under attack by criminals in far away places.”

MJ also has upgraded its digs at a newly renovated location on Eisenhower Drive in Savannah. “We have the latest and greatest infrastructure in place from physical plant to tech for our staff and clients to experience. Providing the most professional and secure transaction is our primary concern,” says Ganem. “That’s where we set ourselves apart.”

The firm’s partners, Doug McManamy and Stephen Jackson, have been closing real estate transactions in Savannah since 2003 and have seen many changes in their practice of law. The two joined forces in 2013 with a common goal to provide the best and most efficient real estate closing in the Coastal Empire.

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