Liquid Ginger Hits a High Note

When I finally catch up with the ever-occupied Ginger Fawcett, front-person for beloved area rock band Liquid Ginger, the impressive stage vocalist answers the phone with the cautious voice of someone taking care not to strain her instrument.

“I had a bad case of laryngitis recently,” she explains. “But I'm on the mend. Except for a little cough here and there, I'm doing much better.”

That's good news for Fawcett's loyal fan base, who've actively and reliably boosted her group in this region for well over a decade. In a testament to that unflinching support, this past June 16 the singer was named Best Female Rock Vocalist in the First Annual Georgia Music Awards—a new statewide music industry competition geared toward recognizing and celebrating Georgia-based artists in the genres of rock, hip-hop, country and R&B.

Liquid Ginger's lengthy career, acceptance at local radio and close bonds they've developed with listeners both here on the coast and in the greater Atlanta area (where a few of the band's members reside) likely made all the difference in clinching this victory, as the event was patterned after the People's Choice Awards: meaning that fans and supporters—rather than a panel of judges—decide which of the approved nominees will win by voting for their favorites online. That process also led to three other Savannah area nominees making it all the way to the finals: The Big Money Band (for Best Country Band), Chuck Courtenay (for Best Country Artist) and The Train Wrecks—who wound up taking home the award for Best Americana/Bluegrass Band. “Seeing The Train Wrecks win in their category was such a wonderful surprise,” Fawcett offers. “It was great to have four of us nominated from here. I am so proud of Savannah.”