Lee, Black & Hollis, PC

How Lee, Black & Hollis stays a step above

Standing out in real estate law can be a challenge, one that the attorneys at Lee, Black & Hollis rise to with confidence. Their dedication to customer service is backed with 70 years of experience. They have seen it all when it comes to commercial and residential closings. That assurance and know-how stand them in good stead in one of the most vibrant real estate markets in the country – right here in Savannah.

That said, T.J. Hollis is humble about his line of work. Easy going and self-deprecating, he says of real estate law, “Dirt law is not very sexy, but if not handled properly by an experienced law firm the result can be disastrous. We approach every transaction with the same professionalism and care whether it is a $20,000.00 or $20,000,000.00 deal”

“We approach every transaction with the same professionalism and care whether it is a $20,000.00 or $20,000,000.00 deal.”

When it comes to residential real estate law, they build trusting relationships with agents, lenders, and homebuyers to make sure closings proceed efficiently. By exemplifying customer service and providing open lines of communication with all parties involved, they have established a strong reputation for smooth closings and seamless transactions.

Lee, Black& Hollis also partner with Savannah businesses on commercial closings, offering a range of corporate services. In this capacity, they act as trusted advisors not only on real estate closings, but also in business formation and operation, risk management, asset protection, and financing.

The firm recently expanded its roster of real estate attorneys to include Matt Toler. Toler is a Savannah native and rounds out this team of 13 dedicated and exceptional real estate legal professionals.

Lee, Black & Hollis, PC can be reached at 912.355.1131, 7395 Hodgson Memorial dr. Suite 200, Savannah, GA or visit lawsavannah.com