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Renowned lawyer Mike Schiavone’s greatest legal victory is his daughter Ashley. 

As well-known name in Southern law, Mike Schiavone’s reputation precedes him. And he is passing his keen sense of justice on to the next generation. His daughter, Ashley Schiavone, is making a name for herself in her own right and leaving her mark on our legal system as an Atlanta DUI attorney.

After passing the bar, Ashley apprenticed under William Head of Head, Thomas, Webb & Willis, one of the top DUI law firms in Georgia. She opened her own practice just four years later – Schiavone Law, P.C. in Atlanta. Accolades piled up from there. Proactive Resources named Ashley one of “Atlanta’s Finest” in 2012 and 2014. She’s also a founding member of the DUI Defense Lawyer’s Association and has been named a Rising Star by the Georgia Super Lawyer’s Association since 2017.

To top off an already illustrious young career, Ashley wrote the book on DUI case law in the state – literally. She published an annual guide Defending DUI: Case Outline for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia to help other lawyers understand the emerging cases surrounding Georgia’s
DUI laws.

Mike speaks of his daughter’s growth and success as a proud father would, “She’s very good. She’s written a book. She lectures often at conferences as an instructor in DUI law. She is really developing an expertise in DUI defense.”

Mike’s recent case wins would be enough to fill a book as well, and they have – he successfully defended Kevin Grogan, author of White Cop, Black Sheep. When it comes to legal defense in Georgia, for the Schiavones, it’s a family affair. It seems the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Now in its fifth edition, Ashley L. Schiavone’s Defending DUI: Case Outline was released by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education on Georgia. Essentially, the book acts as a quick reference guide for attorneys in dealing with the many legal issues that can arise from a DUI case. Covering all significant areas of defending DUI, from stop to sentencing, the book covers the entire spectrum of Georgia’s DUI laws in an easy-to-reference format. “When an attorney is presented with a particular legal issue in a DUI case, it can often be cumbersome to sift through pages and pages of legal books,” writes Ashley. “I wanted to create something that would be quick, precise and to the point.”

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