South Magazine - June-July 2019

The Young Guns: Ben Bluemle

There's a new generation of young professionals in Savannah. Energetic, hungry and ready to take on the world, these young guns are aimed right at the top.

The Southern Stonehenge

Miles off the beaten path in rural Georgia, carved in towering spires of granite, the Georgia Guidestones baffle the mind and ignite the imagination.

The Deal Meal

Come in. We're Open for Business deals. 5 spots to close the deal, plus tips on landing that next client.

Coast to Coast

Summer’s hottest accessory comes into its own with fresh, vibrant beach towels that make a statement.

All the Right Moves

What does it take to truly make it in business? Where does an endeavor end and an empire begin? We picked the brains of some of the area’s power professionals.

Uplifting Power

Coach Roy Jones has trained some of the world’s elite athletes, proving that true power lies in not what you can lift, but in how you can lift up others.

Victory Business

America doesn’t care about soccer. Expansion teams never win championships. And they certainly don’t shatter attendance records. Atlanta United broke each of these rules, one by one. But what happens when a post-championship hangover hits a city of fickle sports fans?

The Other Side of Jekyll Island

Georgia’s first brewery, last shipment of slaves and first integrated beach. The first transcontinental phone call. And a clandestine meeting of the wealthy and powerful that laid the groundwork for the Federal Reserve.

Fueling the Future

It may seem like it’s all gasoline and fried chicken, but the technological and psychological underpinnings of Parker’s Kitchen are quietly revolutionizing the industry.

Richard Kessler is Mr. Hotel

If you’re familiar with Savannah in the slightest bit, you’ll soon learn that many people who are born here find it hard to ever leave. No matter how worldly, how successful or how powerful, something draws them back. Entrepreneur and luxury hotelier Richard Kessler is one of those people.


Founded on a dream and funded by the resale price of a used Volkswagen Beetle, SCAD has grown from humble beginnings into a global powerhouse of the art world.

The Young Guns: Phillips and Carson

There's a new generation of young professionals in Savannah. Energetic, hungry and ready to take on the world, these young guns are aimed right at the top.

Walkin’ Tall

The legend Shaq Diesel taking law enforcement to new heights.

When it’s All Said and Done

It’s never too early to start planning for your end of life, especially when your finances are concerned. We asked L. Rachel Wilson for a few pointers.

Murder for Hire

In 2009 Dr. Carl drury hired a hitman to kill his wife. Little did he know, that hitman was an undercover agent.

Undercover Stories

Most of the world never realizes that there is an invisible war being waged just outside their front door, every day. These brave undercover agents of the ATF lived on the front lines of that war, infiltrating biker gangs, hate groups and international criminal syndicates, living double lives.


Disaster can strike at any moment leaving you stranded without the comforts and even necessities of modern-day living. Jacksonville's American Survival Company wants to make sure you have the tools you need to survive any worst-case scenario.

Business is Afloat

Jeff Robbins' custom-crafted Ogeechee riverboats don't just take you upstream. They take you back to a simpler time.

High Time This Happened

Medical marijuana is now legal to possess and obtain in Georgia. Does that mean it’s going to be the next Colorado?

Powerful Luxury

For the professional on the go, this Land Rover is a mobile powerhouse.