DineSouth: Peach Panzanella Salad

This is a quick recipe you can recreate at home with ease.

Photo: Lindsay Shorter

At Frannie and the Fox, we love to toss fresh peaches, heirloom tomatoes, sliced red onions, chopped olives, and croutons for our version of a panzanella salad. This is a quick recipe you can recreate at home with ease. Once your produce is diced and ready, just toss with the croutons and the peach balsamic vinaigrette. Let the salad absorb the dressing for 10 minutes before serving.


Place garlic, peach compote, vinegars, salt and pepper inside the blender.

Start to blend and slowly add the oils until the vinaigrette emulsifies. We make our own peach compote, but you could substitute a nice peach jam from the store in place of making your own.

Peach balsamic vinaigrette

  • Peach compote 540 gr 
  • Balsamic vinegar 40 gr 
  • Red wine vinegar 220 gr 
  • Garlic, micro planed 10 gr 
  • Blend oil 360 gr 
  • E.V.O.O. 300 gr 
  • Salt 6 gr 
  • Black pepper, ground 4 gr 

Executive Chef, Tim Morton, Frannie & The Fox / Emeline Hotel, Charleston, SC

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