Beyond Exceptional Smile Transformation

Check out this amazing transformation, performed by Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.

A consultation with the team at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry involves comprehensive analytics and cutting-edge diagnostic technology – not to mention, one of the most innovative minds in dentistry – to provide the most optimized treatment plan possible.

Local Savannah dentist, Dr. Ryan M. Reeves, has developed an innovative procedure called the “non-surgical facelift,” which has been totally transforming smiles across the country. 

Dr. Ryan Reeves of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry has made a career of gifting smiles to his patients. As one of South magazine’s Greatest Dentists 2020/21, he’s been endorsed by his peers as the top professional in his field and is a world-renowned dentist, having completed his Occlusion Connections Post Graduate Masterclass Curriculum in August 2020—only 80 dentists worldwide have that distinction! However, the most important part of what Dr. Reeves does is make his patients feel at home and feel heard. This starts with Beyond Exceptional Dentistry’s famed first-time visit, which is designed to comprehensively address patients’ concerns with optimized care plans. “Our first visit is truly life-changing in and of itself. It’s so important for a practice to give people the education and the time… to trust and have a relationship within a dental office,” said Reeves. “We welcome anyone to come and learn about how dental health is so connected to looking and living your best life.” Next, Dr. Reeves’s job description as an “inventor” comes into play.

When seeking a solution to the effects of aging on the face, one’s first thought usually jumps to plastic surgery. However, considering a dental solution could lead to more impactful, lasting results. Dr. Reeve’s philosophy regarding facial aging is fairly holistic. He adds, “If treatments need to be done to correct functional problems and the byproduct is a younger looking face, it’s a win-win.”

The non-surgical facelift procedure addresses the signs and effects of aging at the source. Undesirable sagging skin, lines, wrinkles and neck troubles are often caused by misaligned jaws and dental wear and tear, which lead to excess facial strain and stress. By simply mending structural dental issues, Dr. Reeves, Dr. Rod Strickland and the team at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry wipe years of patients’ faces with minimal surgery, if at all. This less invasive approach allows for more natural results and a lasting solution to aesthetic concerns.


“Before Smile”


After Smile

“After Smile” Non-surgical Facelift by Beyond Exceptional Dentistry

Creating these smiles is a complex blend of dental arts and sciences, using computerized bite analysis to perfect jaw problems and smile design techniques. Dr. Reeves explains, “We’ve found preventative dentistry as a niche within the industry. Facial appearance is hugely dictated by the teeth. The teeth support the whole lower third of the face. Tension in the face causes wrinkles. So, people get Botox or plastic surgery to tighten loose skin. We release that tension by finding the proper joint and muscle position, and the result of that is a much younger appearance. If we start early, we can prevent that aging process from happening.”

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Aug Sep 2019 IssueDr. Reeves was featured on South magazine’s Style Issue Aug-Sep 2019. For more information on him and Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, visit 

Dr. Ryan Reeves has revolutionized the aging process, by creating a technique that truly is nothing short of beating father time. Click here to read the cover story: Beating Father Time.

Dr. Reeves also holds titles as one of South’s Most Stylish Companies of 2020, Faces of the Souths’ Face of a Legacy Evolution, and one of  South’s Greatest Dentists 2020/21.