Betchy Sketch: Spring’s Wittiest and Chicest “Happy Gram”

Everyone fancies receiving a “happy”; a small unexpected gift, a thoughtful token of friendship, a gesture of kindness to brighten someone’s day. I love surprising those closest to me with unique “happies” just because or sending a special, personalized card to celebrate an upcoming birthday or mark a special occasion. Which is why I was delighted to happen upon Betchy Sketch, a creative company started by two southern belles, that offers distinctive gifts for your friends, frenemies (kill ‘em with kindness) or simply to treat yourself.

Full disclosure: I am a complete stationary addict. The experience of writing thank you notes, selecting greeting cards, invitations, or place cards really gets me going. Thank goodness Betchy Sketch does all of the above and more in stunning calligraphy. Brilliant illustrations (fashion girls or favorite pets are the most popular) are cleverly highlighted by hilarious topical catch phrases such as:

  • Honey I don’t look, I’m looked at
  • Girl, bye
  • You say potato, I say vodka
  • Wake me when there’s champagne 
  • Don’t hate me cause you aint me 

Champagne Talking, $55 (framed)

Lovely hostess gifts, sassy birthday cards or whimsical bridesmaids’ mementos are just a few of the fun, fearless, and fashionable gifts available from Betchy Sketch.
Custom orders and framing requests are always welcome.

One of my favorite illustrators, Donald Drawbertson, deemed the ‘Warhol of Instagram’ regularly collaborates with fashion’s major players such as Carine Roitfeld and retailers J. Crew and Bergdorf Goodman. His work is always superb and terrifically cheeky. While I can’t afford Mr. Drawbertson’s illustrious drawings, I CAN and WILL treat myself to a charming humorous print from Betchy Sketch whose prices are practically a steal!

The founders, Stephanie Mojonnet and Kristen Ammon, aka Betches from Betchy Sketch, as they like to be called, are garnering local and national attention with their recently launched online boutique. In authentic millennial fashion, the duo has no immediate plans for a traditional brick and mortar store. They credit their burgeoning success to a blossoming social media presence and word of mouth. Unconventional, witty, and beyond stylish, the girls behind Betchy Sketchy truly embody a southern meets Parisian joie de vivre. I love supporting small businesses, especially ones whose idea of a pop-up shop means showcasing their wares along with martinis and manicures at Beauty Bar Dallas. Bravo! As Betchy Sketch says, “Pour me some dinner.”

Order your Betchy Sketch now because come fall it’s very likely you may be on a waiting list. Our sources tell us the betches will release a hush hush clothing collaboration which is sure to be a smash. One thing’s for sure, these betches are destined for success!