​​Why all the real estate agents are flocking to Seaport and Ben Bluemle

Savannah’s real estate market seems on fire, houses selling in a mere matter of days or even hours.

Photography by D. Paul Graham

Agents have to be plugged in and on high alert to sell or buy properties. With this reality, Seaport Real Estate is bringing valuable support to their agents, taking away the small tasks that burn time and effort for busy, successful realtors. 

Their approach takes years of experience combined with innovative technology to help agents elevate their business. Seaport Real Estate provides its agents with an unmatched level of in-house support that allows agents to better serve their clients and improve their quality of life.

The company has built support for their agents with a three tiered platform. The first tier provides robust marketing, even social media, for their professionals. Ben Bluemle, broker and owner, explains, “We are known as one of the top marketing companies, not only in our Savannah market, but across the entire Southeast. All of our marketing is provided to our agents.”

The second aspect of their approach is the back end support for typical time-consuming tasks. Independent agents might pick a third party company to manage closings, write offers or create listings. Agents at Seaport have this help built-in, with dedicated professionals to take care of these duties. When it’s taken off of their plate, agents are free to focus on developing their connections and client base. 

The last and arguably most important piece of the puzzle for Seaport, is in-house training. Seaport believes training is key to growth in this industry. Bluemle offers one-on-one mentoring, while the company pairs that with unique and applicable trainings for their agents. 

With a culture of innovation, learning and support, this company is offering hungry professionals the space they need to succeed in real estate.

7505 Waters Ave, B#2 Savannah, GA, 31406


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