Author: Paula Wallace

This Must Be the Place

With a dream and a whole lot of faith, Paula Wallace brought the esteemed Savannah College of Art and Design to Savannah. What started out as a “little art school” has turned into one of the prestigious in the entire world.

Thank You, Savannah

In the early days of SCAD, the university took its preservation design cues from the city itself. Who knew that saving and repurposing architecture is actually the progressive, business-oriented solution for cities?

Where Are the Women?

Today, when students and visitors enter SCAD's Arnold Hall Theater, they won't have to ask where the women are. They're hard to miss.

Inside SCAD Equestrian

Savannah’s a city of charming dichotomies, and one of its most notable attractions lies just minutes from the rollicking riverfront, where visitors can witness the unmatched grace of one of humankind’s most treasured traditions: equitation.