Author: Kriste Sers

The Wild Life

The more exotic the better. For over ten years, Nicole Kanoy has wrangled alligators, led a stampede of wild hogs and brought the love of all creatures to the screen.

How to Tailgate Properly, UGA-Style.

Before you hit the road to Athens, be sure you know the routes to get there, where to park, and how not to get shutdown.   Arrive to the tailgate in style with red and black clothing by J. Paige,…

An Interview With the "Catfish"

Kevin Jackson is larger than life. His success on the field with the 1980 National Championship team and the building of a multi-million dollar company have catapulted him to become one of the top Dawgs in Savannah.   Coach Russell made…

Why We Love Uga X/Que!

There is no mascot in the SEC, or any other conference in college football, that is adored more than University of Georgia’s Uga.

It's All About the Spirit

Imagine leading over 90,000 fanatic fans in the Georgia war cry, “GOOOOOO Dawgs! Sic ‘Em! Woof, Woof, Woof!” For cheerleader Abbey Coppenger, it’s just another day between the hedges.

Guide to Dawg Nation

It's a new era at UGA: a new coach, a new mascot, a new quarterback, a new hope. Dawg Nation is alive with the possibility of another championship on the horizon.

Tacos & Tequila

With a reputation for upscale Mexican cuisine, Tequila's Town opens a second location.

Beat the Heat at the Hottest Film Festival

Over 120 films will be screened at the festival and attendees will have the chance to participate in master classes, live performances, and conversations with some of the most compelling filmmakers today. Samone Norsworthy of Wonder Why Productions is the…

Interrogating a CNT Agent

An agent’s identity is crucial to protecting the integrity of their work. We were lucky to get the chance to ask one of savannah’s up-and-coming agents about life in the underground-anonymously, of course.