3 Lunches at Tequila's Town that are Muy Caliente

Lauded as one of Savannah’s favorite hotspots, I soon found myself at Tequila’s Town after arriving here. Tequila’s Town is famous for their tacos and margaritas, but it’s more than just that. They have authentic Mexican cuisine and take a new spin on classic dishes.


I decided to start lunch with the mussels, a shareable appetizer. The appetizer was complimented with olive oil, cilantro, and garlic sauce. The garlic sauce was the prominent taste of the dish and was so good, it could stand alone on a chip.  

Next up on the menu, was Al Pastor guajillo tacos. The tacos are made of a long dry chili that when marinated releases all of its mouthwatering flavors. This process causes the meat to be nice and tender, and when paired with their pineapple topping makes for a sweet and savory dish. Tequila's Town is konwn for their incredible tacos and they come in steak, chicken and shrimp (shown below.) Be sure to ask for tableside guacamole. This is not only the best tasting guacamole in this region, but also a thrill to watch as they mix fresh ingredients right before your eyes. 

And last, but definitely not least on the lunch menu was a traditional Mexican torta. Although it means “cake” in Spanish, the torta is fixed like a traditional American sandwich with the bread being similar to that of ciabatta. The sandwich is filled with your choice of steak or chicken, avocado, lettuce, and refried beans. The torta even comes with everyone’s favorite side, French fries. All in all, the torta is a must have lunch combination.

But, what’s lunch without your favorite drink? Accompanying all these delicious entrees was a top shelf margarita made with Lunazul tequila. If margaritas aren’t your thing, you can opt in for the Tres, Cuatro y Cinco $75 shot or a fresh glass of Sangria filled with fresh strawberries and diced peaches.

My first time at Tequila’s Town definitely will not be my last. With their friendly atmosphere, authentic dishes, and top-notch bar it is a go-to for any visitor or Savannah native. 

Check out Tequila's Town for lunch or dinner at 109 Whitaker St downtown Savannah or at their new location in Sandfly, Georgia. Call 912-236-3222 or go to tequilastown.com