Dr. Richard Schulze, Jr. – Ophthalmology

Fourth-generation physician Dr. Richard Schulze's nuanced techniques as an eye surgeon reflect his complementary training in English literature.

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Dr. Richard Schulze, Jr. – Ophthalmology

Who: As a fourth-generation physician, one could say Dr. Richard Schulze, Jr. has medicine written in his DNA, but his career path was somewhat unconventional. He first tried his hand at English literature, graduating magna cum laude at Princeton University before attending Oxford University, where he received his master’s degree, but he was unable to deny his calling as a physician. So he doubled down and tried both of his hands (as he is trained as an ambidextrous surgeon) and began his medical education and training, eventually joining his father in his practice back home in Savannah.

What: Dr. Schulze embraces an old-school approach to medicine that gives his practice a personal touch.  His goal is to treat his patients in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible. Dr. Schulze complements nuanced technique honed over years of extensive training with updated, cutting-edge technology, including the latest generation of multifocal lenses that allow for his patients to see both far away and up close without glasses.

 Why: The guiding principle of the Schulze Eye & Surgery Center is, “Treat each patient as if he or she was a family member, and the rest just falls into place.” Having vision does not mean merely seeing, but it means understanding, too. Dr. Schulze recently operated on a commanding general from the Marine Corps who was responsible for leading our troops overseas. With a 20/20 perspective, he tells South, ”It was an awesome responsibility to restore vision to this man who, in turn, had the awesome responsibility for keeping our troops and our nation safe.  Restoring his vision was my way of saying thank you to all those who serve in the military.”

Schulze Eye & Surgery Center Services:

  • Basic and refractive cataract surgery 
  • Refractive lens exchange 
  • LASIK 
  • PRK 
  • The implantable contact lens (ICL) 
  • Corneal transplants
Schulze Eye & Surgery Center
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