Zoom in to Kendra Scott’s Newest Collection


Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy. Those are the principles that are synonymous with the jewelry line characterized by simple colored stones and elegantly designed pieces that every woman aspires to fill their closet with. Kendra Scott also embodies that philosophy in her daily life and throughout the billion-dollar company that she founded with only a few hundred dollars in her account – the philosophy of hard work and a dream to inspire women to be the best version of themselves in fashion and life. This predominantly female operated, international company works hard to provide an encouraging and uplifting environment for their employees and customers alike. This ethos is evident in their classically chic and elegant designs and socially responsible outreaches.



Kendra Scott sent jewelry kits to the Zoom meeting participants, complete with tools, materials and raw stones.


I recently had the awesome opportunity to be included in Kendra’s fall preview zoom hangout and jewelry making online meeting. Kendra and her team put together this fun and exciting event that included a select group of industry professionals and style mavens across the South. The team at Kendra Scott sent out a beautiful gift box that included a jewelry making kit with tools, raw stones and settings to all of the participants so that we could join in with Kendra during her style tips and design process. Throughout this time of COVID-related quarantines and lack of social interactions, I must give massive amounts of thanks and props to the KS team for coming up with a fun and tangible activity that we could all participate in together, whilst maintaining our social distance. I felt like the newest family member of a close-knit group of hard working and inspiring women.



Ashley Borders gives South readers an sneak-preview of Kendra Scott’s newest collection.


Kendra began by giving us a glimpse into her world as a fashion guru and girl boss entrepreneur who seems to seamlessly balance motherhood, running a billion dollar company and staying happy and healthy. I would be amiss to not mention her ever present smile and true star power quality. Not all business owners can speak with ease and command attention, whilst being humble and encouraging. She mentioned her struggles with running the company, her rise to the top and subsequent fall and then the restructure they developed to maintain a forward movement back to the top. The amount of love and dedication that Kendra puts toward her company, its employees and the community is incredibly apparent. In 2019 alone, The Kendra Scott group partnered with over 6,800 different local causes, employees volunteered more than 5,250 hours, and the company donated over 84,000 pieces of jewelry. They have also created their own Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute, which sets out “to strengthen the next generation of courageous, creative female leaders that will change the world.” Not only does the company strive to build a better world, but they also strive to encourage women to have fun with their style and to not be afraid to be glamorous and chic and have fun with style choices! During our jewelry making session, Kendra was encouraging us to play with the designs and have fun – she even offered inspirational feedback to the designs that were being created by those on the call. A true visionary that sees all style choices as correct, as long as it makes one feel good about the way they look, and in turn will pass that joy onto others around them.


During our call we also got a sneak peek of the newest KS collection! The pieces were a perfect combination of simple-chic that is consistent with the KS brand, but with a hint of exotic beauty that was showcased in the color and cut of the stones and hammered metal choices that reminded me of an Egyptian goddess. They’re the perfect addition to your favorite summer dress or t-shirt to add a touch of unmistakable style. Since many of us are deciding to stay home this summer and not travel to our normal vacation destinations or attend summer gatherings, this new collection is perfectly timed in that it gives us the chance to be transported to beautiful markets and glamorous dinner parties with it’s deep jewel toned colored stones, antiqued metal finishes and interesting cuts that one would find perhaps in Spain or Morocco. And now, thanks to Kendra Scott and her design team, we can bring these eclectic elements to our homes across the world where we will continue to live vicariously through design, color, texture, and art during the time being.


– Ashley Borders