Wildwater Adventure

On a hot summer day, nothing gets adrenaline running through the veins while also keeping things cool quite like the thrill of whitewater rafting. Here’s the South-approved, wild-certified Southern rafting guide!

On a hot summer day, nothing gets adrenaline running through the veins while also keeping things cool quite like the thrill of whitewater rafting. Here’s the South-approved, wild-certified Southern rafting guide!

In the foothills of the Appalachian mountains runs the Chattooga river, legendary for its intense rapids, rugged scenery, steep gorge walls and untouched wilderness. This special piece of earth is known as a recreational paradise, where adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies can enjoy some of the best thrills mother nature has to offer. 

In June of 1971, Jim and Jeanette Granier pioneered the world of outdoor sports by establishing the Southeast’s first outfitter on the Chattooga river: Wildwater. Since then, neighbors from near and far have been escaping the Southern heat and embarking on some wild rides — on land, water, and in the sky. Summer is the best time to get outdoors and climb a mountain, wrestle white waters, and zip through the treeline. 

Why not plan a whole trip around adventure? The town of Long Creek, South Carolina, has much to offer, from spectacular, pick-your-own-fruit orchards, to cozy lodging, to a mean slice of Humble Pie — pizza, that is. Without further ado, here’s our guide!

Wildwater White Water Rafting & Zipline Canopy Tours

Nestled on the banks of some of the country’s premier white water rafting — the Chattooga River — Wildwater is the oldest outfitter in the Southeast with over 50 years of experience wrestling the churning waters. Founded by Jim and Jeanette Granier and their four children, the Wildwater company has since grown to include Ocoee, Nantahala and Pigeon rivers. 

Rafters ride with seasoned guides to navigate the rambunctious river, with opportunities to catch your breath and take a dip to cool off. Additionally, the Wildwater family also provides scenic zipline rides for daredevils who aren’t afraid of heights — and love stunning views. Visitors can also take in the views and tours of the area’s natural history in open-air Jeep tours!

Downtown Long Creek

While Long Creek is mostly known as an outdoor adventure oasis, visitors can also check out the downtown area for some fun. Browse old-timey store fronts, stop by the sheriff’s office, and enjoy live bluegrass music at the Silver Dollar Music Hall.

Wildwater WhiteWater Rafting & Zipline Canopy Tours Lodging

The powerhouse of Long Creek is also gracious enough to provide their own lodging so guests can maximize their adventure time and do not have to go far for much needed rest. There are accommodations to suit everyone’s needs, from luxury houses and cabins, to fully furnished duplexes, to minimalistic yurts.

Wildwater White Water Rafting guides L-R: Jake cagle, Luke Guidry,

Kat Hughes, Liz Greer, Annie Tonky and Adam “Coach” Tonkyn.

Chattooga Belle Farm

Day visitors to this charming farm can peruse the general store, play disc golf, and pick their own fruit, straight from the source. Pick up some local wine and jam, or stop in the farm’s own distillery for spirits. Pro-tip: the farm isn’t only good for shopping and sippin’. Head up around sunset for an amazing view. 

Humble Pie

Owned by ex-whitewater rafting guide, Trey Barnett, this local favorite is the best spot around for a delicious slice after a long day of adventure. The shop features hand-crafted wooden chairs and paddles made right in Long Creek. Not in the mood for pizza? Choose from wings, sandwiches, salad and more.

Gauge Coffeehouse

When Humble Pie makes a bit too much dough, they pass it on over to The Gauge Coffeehouse just next door. Gauge uses the dough to bake the perfect bagels. The shop also serves coffee and espresso, burritos, and other goods. Be sure to stop in to fuel up for a day of rafting!

How to get here by car from Savannah Georgia:

The ride north to Long Creek, South Carolina takes about five hours, heading northwest.

This route makes for the perfect road trip. Along I-16W that turns into US Route 1 and North, you will pass nearby roadside oddities like the giant cow mailbox, the music memories museum, the Georgia guidestones, and “the center of the world” in Hartwell, GA. Be sure to carve out time to make a stop or two!

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