The War Within

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In 2018, just two weeks after her daughter’s birth, Miranda Briggs lost her husband to the veteran suicide epidemic. two years later, she founded The Fight the War Within Foundation and now she has taken on the role of warrior to save those soldiers that are battling…

It’s not enough

Ask any vet, their family, their friends, or the civilians working to serve them, and they all agree, we’re not doing nearly enough to meet the needs of our men and women in service at home. The Fight the War Within Foundation – a 100% volunteer organization committed to bringing an end to suicide – was born of a desire to respond to an outcry that wasn’t being heard.

Miranda Briggs founded the organization in 2020, two years after the loss of her warrior husband, SPC Garrett Briggs, USA (Ret.), to the “22 a Day” veteran suicide epidemic just two weeks after the birth of their daughter. The turning point was the rock bottom of discovering how much Garrett’s support system knew he was at immediate risk – even to the point of stating his intentions, and having lost his mother to suicide, also a marine – and how little was done.

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That’s when Miranda knew she needed an army. So she built one – a growing team of incredible grit who understands survival and boasts some really great nicknames. The FTWW Foundation developed four pillars of engagement to catch vets who were falling through the cracks: Camaraderie, Education, Resources, and Remembering the Fallen.

Their Coffee and Camaraderie gathering is where local veterans and families join FTWW at veteran-owned coffee shop Tosa Coffee Company in Richmond Hill, every 3rd Saturday, for snacks, camaraderie, and of course coffee!

Sponsored by FTWW as part of the #OneTeam family with their partners Team Savannah for Veterans, and Provisions for Patriots.

Dedicated initiatives like the Intervene Challenge founded by LTC. Lou Koon and Armed Forces Mission, a three-hour seminar designed to teach you what to look for and how to help those who are struggling. Other resources include emergency assistance and care packages that provide what struggling vets need when they need it the most.

The Heroes in the Sky (HITS) Memorial Board Dedication program, started by board member James Collins and veteran D’Angelo Shaw, is dedicating their 3rd board honoring the memories of heroes who lost their internal wars, and hope to expand this program to locations across the US.

Other efforts include annual events like the Wild Paddle, Warriors Ball, the 5 and 10k, and Fundraising Night with the Savannah Bananas, and the variety is intentional. Miranda says, “It’s important for vets to know just because one thing didn’t work – something will. Reach out and keep trying. It’s ok to say, ‘I’m not ok. I need help. Who can I talk to?’ We’re going to Fight the War Within… with you. You are not alone. You matter. Suicide is not the answer. The pain doesn’t end, it’s transferred to those you leave behind. But you’re never beyond hope or a lost cause if you’re still here.” Miranda points out one of the foundation’s board members is a survivor, now helping others to survive.

Visit for an encyclopedia of ways you can contribute: Donate, volunteer, or get the newsletter to learn of up-and-coming efforts. If you’re reading this, there might be a reason – either the message is for you, or you could make “the” difference in the fight to show up for someone who already showed up for you. 


How many different ways can it be said before it’s urgent, human, and real enough to feel for the faces behind the nameless suicide statistics.

• 22 a day.
• One every 65 minutes.
• Nearly one every hour.
• 10% more ex-military and 30% more active duty than 15 years ago.
• More than 8,000 a year.

These aren’t stats for an unfightable threat. For many veterans lost in this growing “epidemic,” this loss of life is for no greater need than having someone hear them and come alongside and move them toward help.

24/7 Confidential Crisis Support for Veterans and their Loved Ones

“You don’t have to be enrolled in VA benefits or health care.”
Just Dial 988 (then press 1)
Text 8382855

More info or chat online at

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