The Ultimate Destination For Your Next Night Out

Savannah's newest and biggest attraction has welcomed visitors from far and wide to revel in the wonder that is Enmarket Arena. And they've been coming in droves.

Photos / Amy Hildreth + Sami Exler

Congrats to One Year!

Celebrating its one-year anniversary in February, Enmarket Arena has demonstrated that it is the biggest, baddest competitor when it comes to big name performers and can’t-miss sporting events. With an already stacked lineup of experiences to enjoy and a consistent stream of new announcements, make sure to keep up with what’s coming to the stadium near you. Already on the docket is Janet Jackson with Ludacris, Disney on Ice, Shinedown with Three Days Grace, the Globetrotters and plenty more, including events geared toward kids. The venue is amazing, the sound is perfection, and there’s not a bad seat in the house. Grab tickets to an upcoming show before they’re all gone.

Keith Urban, Barry Manilow, Andrea Bocelli, Reba, Adam Sandler and so many more acts have graced Enmarket Arena’s doors since it opened just over a year ago.

World-class Events

In the last year, Enmarket Arena has hosted 100+ different shows and sold over 330,000 tickets. 18 of those shows were sold out and 17 Savannah Ghost Pirates games were as well. Thanks to the foodies that flocked to the stadium, 10,605 hot dogs were sold along with 829,568 sodas. The real culinary winner was chicken tenders, selling a total of 93,892 of them just in the last year.

100% Recycled

Enmarket Arena is dedicated to sustainability. Concessions use 100% recycled products from paper and other materials and more than 1,000 pounds of waste is processed through their ORCA machines. This process refines and drains waste rather than sending it to landfills. The building itself is 20% more efficient than is code compliant and it utilizes only energy star appliances and high efficiency fans, pumps, and motors. What some might call the star of any Ghost Pirates game, the Zambonis are all electric and lighting throughout the venue is 100% LED. Enmarket Arena didn’t miss a beat in outfitting the facility to be state-of-the-art and unapologetically eco-friendly.

Looking to the Future

Visitors will of course delight at the interior of the arena but even from the outside, Enmarket Arena shines. New outside features are set to be unveiled, including additions to existing features like verandas and terraces. No matter if you’re inside or taking a breather from the fun, this arena has everything needed to make it your new favorite entertainment venue.

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