The Story Behind Local Savannah Artist’s Paintings

From escaping to peace and quiet to first-day-of-school jitters, Britton Dockery brings relatable stories to life through surrealism.

The beauty of the Hostess City has inspired countless artists from around the world. Britton Dockery, born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, reveals something new about his hometown through his Surrealist style.


ritton Dockery illustrates the subconscious of Savannah—personified depictions of backstories and anecdotes, observations and secrets layered under the empirical beauty of the landscape. Dockery’s observations are unique to his contemplative mind; however, there’s an element of relatability that makes his work so enticing. Not only are the color palates beautiful and the natural elements serene, but the intriguing subject matter makes it impossible not to dwell on a Dockery piece. It’s the subconscious, brought to life.

Remember excitedly (or anxiously) anticipating your first day of high school? Or a first day of work? Like the crack of an egg followed by running yolk, a new day crisply breaks and mixed emotions flow. Dockery personifies this experience through his painting, included below, titled “Scrambled Egg helping the Anticipation of the forthcoming Tomorrow.” For those who have ever needed a moment of peace and quiet, “Piano sounds orchestrated by Mother Nature” illustrates an escape from a noisy, cluttered setting into nature.

Dockery explains the story behind two of his latest works:

“Piano sounds orchestrated by Mother Nature”

What do the days typically sound like for you? A pleasant harmony or just a bunch of noise? Perhaps, a mixture of both.

Back in ‘05, my sister gifted our mother the loudest birthday present ever: a pair of lovebirds. My mom named them Promise and Blessing. Contrary to their names, these birds were more like a headache. They were never quiet. High pitch chirping would be heard throughout the house all day.

To get away from the noise, I’d go for a walk. Getting fresh air always sounded better than listening to those birds yell at each other at the top of their lungs.

“Scrambled Egg helping the Anticipation of the forthcoming Tomorrow”

Are you looking forward to tomorrow? If it signifies the ending of a good thing, then probably not. However if it’s the contrary, then tomorrow can’t come fast enough!

Around dawn, a high pitch alarm screaming at the top of its lungs goes off. Awakening out of a slumber deeper than the Atlantic is how Monday greets me. This is my first time waking up early since my last days of middle school. My first day of high school was about to begin in a few hours. The smell of eggs being cooked helped with my grogginess. My body was tired, but my soul was filled with excitement and nervousness.

I had been looking forward to this since the summer began. Herschel Victoria Jenkins would be my second home and family for the next four years. The countdown for the class of 2011 had officially begun!

Learn more about Dockery and his art at his website, or check out his work on Instagram and Facebook. For South’s interview with Dockery, click here.