The Last Stop

Robin & Tammy are Flying Their Colors


Trumpcar 24x10 450dpi

Side by side Passionate Trump Supporters Robin Greco & Tammy Sauers travel on their own campaign trail through Georgia & Florida.


obin Greco’s Infinity QX80 is turning a lot of heads on Georgia roads these days – and it’s not only to admire the impressive luxury vehicle. Onlookers wave her down, chat her up at stoplights and in grocery store parking lots. People want to know about her custom car wrap, coving the entirety of her SUV. Designed by Nick Gant of Meddin Studios in Savannah, Georgia, the Infinity has come to be known as “Land Force One” around town. The cherry on top of Greco’s ride is a license plate that reads “DPLRBLE” (a reference to the 2016 election, where Hilary Clinton called Trump deplorable) courtesy of Robin’s husband, Richard.

Greco is a known supporter of President Donald J. Trump – but is passionate about supporting police officers and the military. She has been working hard in her community, designing and producing masks and participating in philanthropic efforts. With the 2020 presidential election just around the corner, no matter one’s political view, it’s important to be present for our neighbors and vote!

Land Force One

The first family is traveling in style in the Infinity QX80, with both President Trump and First Lady Melania riding in the backseat. Escorting them around town as she runs her daily errands, Greco receives quite a bit of feedback from passing motorists and pedestrians. Keep an eye out for this one-car Presidential motorcade as you make your way around Savannah.

Trump Car Back Trump Ar Side 2

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