Start Your Day With Springbok Coffee

South reviews this Charleston-based company to bring good news to Lowcountry coffee lovers: small-batch, artisan coffee that actually packs rich flavor.


Calling all coffee enthusiasts on the Creative Coast! Look no further, Springbok is the fix. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Springbok was founded by the Bell brothers who put in some serious work to produce the highest quality, small-batch, locally roasted artisan coffee around. We consider ourselves well versed in the coffee world here at South, but it’s hard to even scratch the surface of what licensed Arábica Q Grader Jason Bell and his team has to offer in coffee knowledge. From sourcing top-notch, ethical beans, to investing in the finest equipment and technology, to honing the brew process, Springbok does it all to serve up the perfect cup of joe.


Start your day with Springbrook coffee


I’m a bit excited writing this blog (it might be the caffeine from the Kayon Mountain Farm blend kicking in), but the Charleston team’s care for their craft clearly translates to my French press here in Savannah. Every detail is right—I’d know because I drink my coffee black, nothing added. Even the coffee mugs are perfect; I’m drinking mine from the diner style reminiscent of a Waffle House mug, but I’ve also got a shorter, wider mug with a thin handle that reminds me of a painkiller tin mug—except this one is meant to be used in the a.m. rather than sometime after 5 p.m. For the common coffee-drinker, Springbok has a storefront in downtown Charleston on King Street and can be ordered online for one-time and subscription order. I’ll admit, as a coffee snob I was a bit skeptical, wondering if Springbok could really bring the flavor or if it was just a pretty package. Now I’m wondering how to finance a subscription…

“We offer an array of thoughtfully sourced single origin coffees, as well as numerous specialty grade blends that work beautifully in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and offices. For our exclusive wholesale partners, we provide full technical support, onsite consultations and in-house training at our roasting facility and training lab located in Charleston, SC.” – Springbok Coffee Roasters

With the extensive training and education the team has cultivated in the last ten years, Springbok has more to offer than just their brews. They offer coffee education at their roasting facility for cuppings and insight into the brewing process, as well as a barista training program and 24-hour technical support from their expert equipment wholesale team. Moreover, Springbok sells all of their products wholesale – perfect for restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and offices – with complete in-house training and consultations. Like I said, they really do it all.


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Keep reading for South’s review of three Springbok blends and learn more about the source of the brews; it’s a personal touch you don’t necessarily get when you’re just grabbing a coffee on the way to work. Check them out on their website for more information or follow their aesthetically pleasing content @springbok_coffee_chs.


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Ixlama – Guatemala


Ixlama comes from the department of Huehuetenango near the Guatemala-Mexico border, a region known for its rugged landscapes, high elevation and for the 22 ethnic groups of Mayan descent who call this community home. Coffee is a central part of the community, as 120 family producers work to grow and harvest the beans for drying and selective sorting at Transcafe’s mill. This blend is lighter with balanced acidity, with hints of jasmine laced through blackberry and plum notes. It’s a refreshing first sip and a solid staple blend.


La Cuesta Coffee Closeup


La Cuesta – Costa Rica


La Cuesta hails from the Tarrazú region, which produces nearly 25 percent of Costa Rica’s total coffee yield, making the CoopeTarrazú cooperative one of the most recognizable entities in the country. CoopeTarrazú is passionate about solidarity and sustainability, thus it invests in the welfare of its community by providing technical training and education to its 3,500 partners and associates. The finesse of these producers is evident in the finished product: a mean cup of coffee. However, in the essence of flavor, this blend isn’t mean at all. The chocolate and cherry create sweet profile, balanced out by almond notes. This blend is definitely a treat for those who know their coffee.


Kayon Mountain Farm


Kayon Mountain Farm – Ethiopia


The Kayon Mountain Farm is owned by Ismael Hassen Aredo and his family since 2012 and is located in the Oromia region, in the Guji zone of the Shakiso district of Ethiopia. The farm employs over 300 seasonal employees and is a staple in the local community, facilitating transportation services and offering financial support to school and administration building construction. Knowing that these beans come from a farm that is a positive influence on its community is important to me – you get to be a part of a globalist philanthropic experience just by sipping your morning coffee. The coffee itself is meant to have a red berry and cocoa flavor with a hint of peach – it’s rich but still crisp as the citrus notes peak through. It’s like this blend was made for me…