Spring Break 2021: Cumberland Island

In a given year, there are about 140 feral horses roaming free on Cumberland Island. Popular myth holds that horses arrived on the island sometime in the sixteenth century with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.

Spring is finally in the air again! The coastal South is home to many of the nation’s greatest spring break destinations—and is welcoming travelers after a year-long winter. Visitors are sure to find that same Southern hospitality rings true as ever, from Myrtle Beach down to Daytona.

Written by: Lauren Flemming

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Need to go off the grid and unplug completely? In these times, who doesn’t? Cumberland Island is the Southernmost barrier island off the coast of Georgia and is only accessible by boat. Take the passenger ferry from St. Marys and bring nothing more than camping gear and an explorer’s hat. Walk among mansion ruins, admire classical revival architecture and recharge at the old Sea Camp Ranger Station. Enjoy the hospitality of 9,800 acres of protected maritime forest and 17 miles of uninterrupted beaches.


National Parks Service Campgrounds

The opportunity to experience the uninhibited beauty of Georgia’s barrier islands is the reason campers seek Cumberland Island, and they come to do just that: camp. There are five campgrounds to choose from, and a small fee and permit are required to stay. After that, the only thing between you and a night under the stars is the top of a tent. recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/253730

Photo: Cumberland Island

Greyfield Inn 

The Greyfield Inn was built in 1890 by the Carnegies and serves as the only alternative to camping on Cumberland Island. The furnishings transport guests right back to the era in which it was built—as the Carnegie family still oversees the Innexuding the romance and luxury of a grand hotel with the hospitality and charm of a family home. Greyfieldinn.com

Photo: Greyfield Inn


Dungeness Historic Area Tour 

Originally home to the site of James Oglethorpe’s hunting lodge in 1736, Dungeness changed hands between major figures in American history, from Oglethorpe himself to Nathanael Greene, to Robert E. Lee’s father and finally the Carnegies, when the building succumbed to suspected arson. Ranger guided tours of the Dungeness Historic Area explore the remains of this large industrialist era estate, and dive into the pivotal stories of its location. nps.gov/cuis/planyourvisit/guidedtours.htm

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Photo: Dungeness Historic Area Tour

Amelia Adventures Cumberland Island Kayak Tour 

Book a boat tour and sunset cruise or kayak tour with Amelia Adventures and let them handle the arrangements and provide the knowledge, expertise and equipment. Explorers can sit back and soak in the beauty of the surroundings under the guidance of experienced tour guides. ameliaadventures.com

Photo courtesy of: Amelia Adventures

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