South’s Greatest ’23: Gourmet Bistro: Touch of Home

Great food, desserts, and wine, oh my! Everything that you’d expect from a cozy, corner bistro, and then some, at the Wright Square Bistro.

Photography: John Alexander

A charming European bistro might be a far commute for most Savannahians, but look no further than the Wright Square Bistro. Dedicated to making its guests feel like they’re at home, having a nice luncheon with friends or reading a good book. Wright Square’s menu names many of the dishes after owners’ Michael Higgins and Tod Whitaker’s beloved Corgis. Delight in the Clark, a roast beef sandwich named so because Clark himself is “a beefy guy,” the chicken sandwich Gertrude because she can be “a little bit of a chicken,” or a grilled cheese named after Fredo who could be very “cheesy.” With a distinctly Southern flair, the Wright Square Bistro has something to satisfy every appetite.

21 W York Street | Savannah, GA | 912.238.1150 |

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