Southern Made Kitchen


The heart of the Southern home is the kitchen, and a poorly equipped kitchen doesn’t exactly make those epic Southern meals happen. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best products to ensure the best room of your house stays that way. From must-have spices to line the shelves to gadgets that elevate your cooking game, you’ll be hosting a show-off dinner party just in time for fall. Don’t forget our invite.

Earn your chef stripes

We know you don’t want to get olive oil or red wine on your new autumn sweater, so we recommend this Heirloomed adult railroad stripe apron to protect your clothes. Whether you’re the man or the woman of the house, you’ll love this 100% cotton fabric with a unisex striped pattern and adjustable fit. Best of all, you can toss this apron right into the washing machine (unlike that sweater). Get it monogrammed for an extra $10 so a friend doesn’t swipe it. Adult Railroad Stripe Apron $55 /

Get hooked

Say goodbye to awkwardly maneuvering chicken or fish and hello to the cooking tool that you’ll “flip for:” the Charleston Hooker. Locally handcrafted in our sister city of Charleston, the Hooker makes it simpler than ever to arrange meat and produce on the grill, the stovetop or anywhere else. Made with polished brass, red oak and leather, this is one tool you won’t hide in a drawer. The Charleston Hooker™ Cooking Tool $21.95 /

The heat is on

Are you ready to take your kitchen to the next level? Then you’ll want the Pro Range Dual Fuel, equipped with four burners, a grill and a griddle. This utterly chic appliance has everything you’re looking for, including smart technology allowing you to control your Pro Range with the touch of a phone or tablet! Grill, air fry and bake with the precision you deserve. 48″ Pro Range – Dual Fuel with 4 Burners, Grill and Griddle starting at $15,000 /

Normalize year-round pumpkin pie spice love

We said it. Most recently popularized in latte form, we urge you to think outside the mug. Obviously yummy in pie, try it sprinkled onto fresh peaches, or in a savory butternut soup.”

Pumpkin Pie Spice $11.99 /

The circle of life for ingredients

Store everything from sugar to flour to spices inside these unique concrete containers, guaranteed to keep moisture and heat at bay and preserve quality. Made in South Carolina with cutting-edge technology and a unique blend of concrete, these Port City Living shakers will keep your prized ingredients safe from harm and make flavors pop. Concrete salt & pepper shaker set $40 /

Olive Wood Serving Boards With Cheese And Table Olives

What ‘wood’ you serve?

Inviting friends over for crackers and cheese? Elevate the presentation with this Charleston-made charcuterie board, crafted from high quality olive wood sourced from Italy and Greece. Each board bears a unique, beautiful pattern and serves anything — from cheese to desserts to fresh fruits — with style. Happy grazing! Charcuterie Board Large Olive Wood $59 and Antipasti Board made from Olive Wood $29.90 /

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