Sip at Home the Valentine’s Day

Restaurants all booked? Social distance woes? No need to fret! Here are the perfect choices to sip at home this Valentine's Day.

Courtesy of Curate & Co.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While going out is fun, sometimes the best nights are spent at home with the one you love—or as a girls’ night in!

Oops! You forgot to make those reservations and now every restaurant you call is booked to the brim. Or, you never called at all, because staying in is more your speed these days. Hanging at home with your inner circle is the safest way to spend Valentine’s Day—but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

Southern Eagle Distributing has all the best local brew selections carefully curated for February festivities. Prefer wine? We have suggestions for that, too. Keep reading for the perfect pairings to a lovely night in!


Sycamore Brewing Sticky Crystals Feature

Sycamore Brewing Sticky Crystals

This pink can? C’mon! Super cute. But don’t be fooled, this brew packs a punch to the tastebuds. The extra effort and care in cellaring and dry hopping the beer paid off, as this beer booms with hop flavor and aroma. The dry hop features mostly Sabro, a newer variety with incredibly potent mango/tangerine flavor, with smaller portions of Moutere, a New Zealand hop brimming with punchy grapefruit and passionfruit; and Meridian, a nice supporting hop that brings background notes of pineapple and even spearmint. The combination of the hops used in the beer with improved dry hopping and cellaring processes results in probably the most bombastic and flavor-packed IPA in Southern Eagle Distributing’s arsenal.

Get Sticky Crystals here.

Columbia Craft

Columbia Craft Brewing Company

Columbia Craft Brewing Co. puts Columbia, South Carolina on the map as a a rising star in the country’s craft brew scene. With selections like “Alien Hat,” “Carolinian” and “Famously Hop,” drinkers can’t go wrong—there’s a flavor profile for everyone! Please everyone in your inner circle with these local selections. Get all the beers here through Southern Eagle.




140 Sip Cans 15

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SipClean, SipCozy

SipClean and SipCozy are alcohol-removed rosé wines (Made with cabernet and grenache grapes, sourced from the central California coast) infused with 40 milligrams of broad-spectrum hemp extract. Founded by Jacksonville entrepreneur, Alex Klempf, SipClean and SipCozy are geared toward those who want to enjoy a fresh, crisp wine without the effects of a hangover, sluggishness or grogginess the next day.


Courtesy of Curate & Co.

Hold on, wait—alcohol removed, you say? Here’s how it works: Pioneered in Australia, spinning cone technology is an innovative technique that allows winemakers to separate and preserve the essential flavors and scents of the wine during the dealcoholization process. During this process, the alcohol is gently removed from the base wine, leaving the finished product with less calories, less sugar, and no alcohol. The primary component of the hemp extract used in the wine is CBD, which has been proven to have many health benefits, including anxiety and stress reduction. This option is ideal for anyone focusing on their health and wellness that want to avoid the detrimental effects of alcohol, or for those who want to be sharp for work on Monday (Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year!).

We can attest to the fact that, although alcohol has been removed, the beverage is as relaxing and refreshing as ever! Crack a can and let the unwinding begin. Learn more at their website, here.

Dearmomwinescurateco 262

Courtesy of Curate & Co.

Dear Mom

Dear Mom are Oregon wines that come in four varieties: Sparkletown, Oregon white wine, Oregon red wine and Oregon rosé. Founded “to pay homage to the women who created us, inspire us to dream, who hold us tight when we are cold, who lift us when we have fallen,” this is the perfect wine to enjoy with your mom, send to your mom, or enjoy with the important women in your life. Each can is equivalent to one standard glass, with four cans being equivalent to one standard bottle. Dear Mom is definitely not your typical canned wine—the flavors are fresh and delightful (rather than chemically and flat, as other brands are) and come as a pleasant surprise.

This quality wine makes a great gift or a great treat this Valentine’s Day. Find a distribution partner near you here.