Preview of Stephanie Forbes’ Highly Anticipated Showcase

Stephanie Forbes, SCAD Alumna and Atelier Associate, will showcase her solo exhibition "ROOT, Family Suppression and the Lowcountry" at Cedar House Gallery.

Artist Stephanie Forbes/ Photo courtesy of Stephanie Forbes

Augusta, Georgia native, Savannah College of Art and Design Alumna and Atelier Associate, Stephanie Forbes, presents “ROOT, Family Suppression and the Lowcountry,” a solo exhibition that will highlight the mysterious air of the South and aspects of the Lowcountry parallel to family suppression and generational reconciliation.

This showcase will feature a range of conceptual works from sculpture, paintings, installation works and jewelry. Stephanie Forbes was granted a position with SCAD as an Alumni Atelier Associate where she will be working in a studio suppled by the college to create this body of work. Being the first double legacy student in school history, Forbes has worked toward opportunities to continue working with SCAD and grow as an artist.

On the inspiration behind her upcoming exhibition, Forbes says, “I draw from staple moments, in and about Savannah and the Lowcountry, using materials such as oyster shells and Spanish moss to create conceptual works that speak to generational reconciliation and the my roots within this area.”

“It is essentially a[n] [art] residency and I have been making work in a studio supplied by the college near Forsyth Park,” describes Forbes. “The studio also just so happened to be my father’s first apartment when he went to SCAD—but it wasn’t a SCAD building at the time, which we found out after I moved in here and I was showing him the space.” Forbes’ parents met and fell in love at SCAD in the 80’s, and she is proud to carry on their legacy with this prestigious position.

“It has been really lovely, as I get to wake up, walk to Forsyth Park and grab coffee at the new Collins Quarter location—a place I worked and came to know so many people over the last six years,” said Forbes.

Her showcase will be held at Cedar House Art Gallery on Friday, April 2. Stop in and observe a powerful collection of works across various mediums. Find Forbes on Instagram and visit her website at

“Plackart I,” (body cast, oyster shells, chain), a sneak-peak of the Forbes’ April 2 showcase./ Photo courtesy of Stephanie Forbes.


Where: Cedar House Art Gallery, 122 E 36th Street, Savannah, GA 31401

When: April 2, 6 to 9 p.m.