The Roller Revolution


Photo: D. PAUL GRAHAM. Jessie Trinkle shows off her moves in front of Forsyth Fountain.

Take to the streets and join the roller revolution! South covers the latest trend that is literally taking over the world.


f you’ve been around Savannah, Georgia recently, you are sure to have noticed the sound of rushing wheels on the pavement followed by a whoosh and blur of mesmerizingly coordinated movement. The eye-grabbing neon and retro garment pieces trigger a double-take and, yes, you saw that correctly – they’re roller skating.

As a result of the monotony of pandemic life, roller skating has taken the world by storm in recent months. Publications like Vogue and other news outlets have reported a worldwide shortage of roller skates due to the sudden pique of interest. The sport tends to be female-dominated, often triggering playful and inspiring fashion choices. Roller skating is not just an activity, but a sort of lifestyle that transports you away from reality into a free-flying alter ego.

South caught up with Jessie Trinkle and her friends, who can often be found roller skating through the streets and pulsing around the Forsyth Park fountain, neon accents catching the streetlights at night. Many groups such as this have popped up around the city, inspiring creativity and rhythm.

Many popular roller skate manufacturers have made adjustments to their supply chain to catch up with the growing demand for skates. Popular manufacturer, Moxi Roller Skates, has opened another factory to keep up. Roller skating is accessible to almost anyone, any age and any physical fitness level, as long as you can get your hands on a pair of skates. Star Castle in Savannah has a roller rink set to disco lights and both popular and classic hit music. They host an adult skate on Saturdays from 2-5 p.m. and 6-9 p.m. for ages 21+. Or, you could simply take to the streets and join the roller revolution!

To get started at Star Castle Arcade, click here for more information .

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