Raw Dog Food May Be Just What The Doctor Ordered

The results are in and it appears that a diet consisting of only raw foods could be the best thing for your dog.


Say goodbye to ordinary dog food and hello to the new trend on the block: raw feeding. It could be said that this new phad isn’t just a phase, but rather a whole new lifestyle. As it takes social media platforms by storm, the art of raw feeding for dogs and cats alike is proving to be better than all of the leading brands of dog food we know and love.

A raw diet for animals consists of muscle meat from animals (typically still on the bone), bones (whole or ground), organ meats (such as livers and kidneys), raw fruits and vegetables, raw eggs, and occasionally dairy products such as unpasteurized yogurt or milk. 

According to Primal, a raw dog food company that offers a variety of options for your furry friends, there are a number of benefits to be had from this diet including: Reduced stool volume and odor, improved external appearance: skin and coat, bright eyes, reduced hot spots and tear stains, superior mouth, tooth & gum hygiene and breath with little to no maintenance, and improved energy, vitality and fitness. Primal, based out of Fairfield, California, promises to provide quality, wholesome raw foods that mimic the diet of animals in the wild. With highly digestible amino acids, certified organic minerals, and unrefined vitamins, Primal pet food ensures nothing but the best in all of their products. 

Photo courtesy of Primal

Phillip Hughes of Legendary K9, offered some tips for introducing raw foods into a dog’s diet. “I would just start introducing raw meat with his kibble first. Stuff that you can get at grocery stores. Chicken liver, raw chicken legs, chicken feet. Hamburger meat, turkey meat, stuff like that until they’re a year old,” Hughes said. 

Phillip Hughes of Legendary K9

Woof Gang Bakery, local Savannah pet supply store specializing in quality food, treats and supplies for cats and dogs, is a carrier of Primal pet food. Offering both raw cat and dog food, various products, bones and treats, Woof Gang has you covered to ensure your pets make a seamless transition into the world of raw foods. Visit them in any of their five locations to inquire. 

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