The Ladies of Luxury Liquors

These women have transformed the liquor retail industry into a luxury experience.
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Savannah, Georgia welcomes Prime Liquors: A Luxury Brand Beverage Experience. Photography: John Alexander

A designer brand flagship store is like an art gallery for fashion enthusiasts. Shoes and bags gleam in the light, perfectly curated outfits hang from mannequins, and luxury fills the air. Inspiration sends the imagination wild–but the price tags send most visitors home. The upscale ambiance is undeniable at Prime Liquor. Unwinding begins before even picking out the beverage of choice, instead of after popping the top.

“It’s not like walking into a Louis Vuitton store and knowing you can’t afford it. We wanted Prime to look like a Louis Vuitton store, but everyone can afford it. We don’t cater to just one customer, we want everyone to walk in and have that Louis Vuitton feeling,” says Teejal Patel. Patel co-founded Prime Liquor with her sister-in-law, Priyanka Pardeshi. After two years of planning, the duo was finally set to open until an unexpected pandemic hit. Following construction delays, Prime Liquors finally opened its doors in October. “We built it from scratch. When we went in it was just a box, we got to customize everything that we wanted inside. It was challenging because with construction, they couldn’t have the full crew. We struggled a lot, but we made it through!”

There’s a reason they invested so much care into the space in addition to the high-quality products they offer. “We wanted people to walk in and think, ‘Wow, this is what a liquor store should be like,’” says Patel. “With the customers we’ve had, you can tell from their eyes when they walk in that it’s not what they expected and they’re excited.”

“In this business–when you think of a liquor store–it’s a man’s world. We wanted to try something different and stepped into it,” explains Patel. “It’s about women-power,” adds Pardeshi. These ladies’ vision transformed the chore of going to the liquor store into an upscale experience. Prime Liquor offers a variety of cigars and wines in their humidor with an iPad set up to perfectly pair selections. The beer selection is enviable, and their liquor inventory is customer-inspired. “As the customers come in and make requests, we read up and learn so we’re ready for the next customer that comes in and asks something similar,” says Patel. They’ve taken over 20 special orders already.

Much like the inventory on the shelves and the ambience of the store, the customer service is elevated, as well. Pardeshi and Patel are preparing for Prime Liquor’s grand opening, set for December 14–so call ahead to get your favorite bottle!


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Owners Teejal Patel and Priyanka Pardeshi are proud to run a female-owned business.


Macallan 25

Prime Liquors carries unique hard-to-find brands and currently their most expensive bottle in stock is Macallan 25 for $2,400.


Check out Prime Liquors at 5500 Abercorn Street in Savannah, GA or call 912.224.9889 or visit