One Unexpected Way to Wipe Years From Your Face

This year has probably left many of us in need of some TLC, but did you know there's a non-surgical, no-needles solution to wrinkles, loose skin and undefined jawlines? It involves a trip to the dentist, specifically, Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.

Dr. Ryan Reeves of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah, Georgia.

This year has probably left many of us with extra wear-and-tear and in need of some TLC, but did you know there’s a non-surgical, no-needles solution to wrinkles, loose skin and undefined jawlines? Dr. Ryan Reeves and his team at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry have developed a technique that is revolutionizing dental health as well as facial aesthetics.


here comes a time when many of us begin to consider cosmetic procedures and surgery in order to restore our facial aesthetics and maintain a youthful appearance. Maybe we’ve spent a bit too much time in the sun and are seeing skin damage and wrinkles. Maybe this year has left us with some nasty nervous habits, such as grinding teeth, clenching jaws and frowning more often than normal. It’s easy to see the evidence of these habits that wreak havoc on our faces, but the stem of these issues does not lie on the surface. Personally, I’ve never considered that it could be internal, structural wear-and-tear that causes many issues that people turn to plastic surgeons. For the enlightenment moment, I have Dr. Ryan Reeves at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry to thank.

Beyond Exceptional Dentistry is home to not only the most innovative dental talent in the country, but also houses some of the nation’s most cutting-edge technology.

There is a reason there is a map with marked nation-wide locations on display in Beyond Exceptional Dentistry’s lobby in Savannah, Georgia. Patients fly in from across the country, seeking out Dr. Reeves impressively innovative techniques. It all stems from rejecting old-school dentistry and adopting a preventative, comprehensive approach. Thus, the non-surgical facelift was born! Dr. Reeves explains, “I’ve found preventative dentistry as a niche within the industry. Facial appearance is hugely dictated by the teeth. The teeth support the whole lower third of the face. Tension in the face causes wrinkles. So, people get Botox or plastic surgery to tighten loose skin. We release that tension by finding the proper joint and muscle position, and the result of that is a much younger appearance. If we start early, we can prevent that aging process from happening.” The proof is in the before-and-after photos (which are astonishing). See for yourself here.

The specifics of a facelift surgery are pretty gruesome: general anesthesia, pulling your skin up from your skull, pulling it back down tighter and cutting excess. That’s not to mention the recovery and healing time. Even Botox procedures and other injections not only involve adding foreign substances to your face, but do not actually address the root of the aging issue — usually caused by jaw and tooth degradation. Beyond Exceptional Dentistry has access to cutting-edge technology to make your procedure comfortable — without anesthesia, if possible — and provides solutions that address the root of your premature aging issues and delivers lasting results. It seems like a no-brainer, but many doctors like to see their patients back over and over again for repeat treatments. Dr. Reeves’ philosophy is, “If treatments need to be done to correct functional problems and the byproduct is a younger looking face, it’s a win-win.” For Dr. Reeves, it’s a matter of achieving overall better health for his patients. As it turns out, optimal dental health often results in more desirable facial aesthetics and a generally happier appearance. A healthy, happy smile is the key to the fountain of youth!

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