“Monday 5 Things”TM ….. More Or Less …..

Xpr30772Photo: D. Paul Graham: Wall at the Common Restaurant on Broughton Street, Savannah circa 2020

“Monday 5 Things”TM ….. More Or Less …..

A friend asked me, “what’s your answer when people ask, ‘how are you?’”. I answered by saying that it depends on who is asking. Pondering the question and my answer for a few hours, I recalled a conversation I interloped on in a caffeine den. A woman asked her friend how she was doing. She replied, “I’m fine…..more or less.”, and moved onto other innocuous points of conversation. Her lack of elucidation, stuck with me, and is More or Less the reason for today’s M5T.

1. More Honesty & Less Façades. 

We need more acceptance for who we really are, and less of being defined by what we do. More responsibility and less procrastination. More candor and less masks. More support and less manipulation. More our true selves and less selfies.

2. More Inspiration & Less Hindrance.

More creativity, less predetermined outcomes. More learning and less ignorance. More action and less reliance. More innovation and less stagnation. More teaching and less programming. More conversations and less texts.

3. More Confidence & Less Fear.

More faith and less cynicism. More depth and less shallowness. More light and less darkness.

4. More Legacy & Less Disposal.

More acceptance and less dissension. More reflection and less heedlessness. More mindfulness and less laziness. More love and less enmity. More nurturing and less negligence.

5. More Encouragement & Less Obstruction.

More dynamism and less lethargy. More motivation and less deterrence. More dreams and less suppression.

Here’s to a week filled with more mores and less lesses. 

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