“Monday 5 Things” with D. Paul Graham…..Remembering Why…..

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Photo scanned from Graham archives; somewhere in the Pacific Coastal Mountains circa late 1980’s.

Monday 5 Things…..Remember Why…..

I sat on top of some boxes in my garage and slowly went through some year books and photographs from my past. Each page and picture a flood of memories: of people that I grew up with that were and still are important to me; others whom I haven’t thought about in decades; teachers that impacted my life in more ways than I recognized at the time and wish I could tell them today; of activities that I was passionate about then and continue to this day; of safe, peaceful, happy places; of the good, the bad, and the ugly of those years of my life; of my dreams, and of my loves. All of those memories brought me to thinking about why. This morning’s M5T remembers why.

1. Remember Why You Started.

Goals, objectives, and dreams have prompted us to start things for reasons that are innate, complex, and deeply personal. Each one of us have moments when it would be easy to give up, especially on our dreams. Others, and sadly it is often those closest to you, have mocked you behind your back and to your face, making you question the very reason why you started. Struggles to persevere through challenges and obstacles can become overwhelming, and at time it seems the whole world is against you. And yet you’ve carried on. And you will continue to carry on with what you started. Because your heart, your spirit, your calling is the very core, the quintessence, of why you first started and are fundamental and foundational to who you really are.

2. Remember Why You Feared.

We all have fears that can be from mild to paralyzing. As we get older, flight often becomes easier than fight. But age and experience confirm to us that fear can be a healthy thing. Fear can be levered to a positive. Fear can drive you to decisions and to actions. Fighting though fear can emphasize how you have underestimated just how much you can handle. And you can handle more than you think. Fears can prove your abilities, your resilience and your strength. Fears can assuage assumptions. Fears can sharpen us, keep us alert and help us survive.

3. Remember Why You Stopped.

The Vikings would often burn bridges behind them so that there was no turning back. They would not have the option to return to the safety of what was known behind them and would have no choice but to continue moving forward. Stopping, abandoning and quitting can be harsh words, often with negative connotations. But there are times in life when we need to stop; to burn our bridges and to push forward into the unknown. Stopping when you have toxic people, environments and situations that are trying to dictate who you should be. Stopping when your physical or mental health is at risk of harm or damage. Stopping where you spend your time when you are no longer growing. Stopping things that do not contribute to your dreams and there is nothing that you will gain from those activities. Stopping when you finally hear that still quiet inner voice and you just know the time is right to stop.

4. Remember Why You Failed.

Time, and to a large extent maturity, reveals failure as the greatest teacher we will have in life. Failure proves you’ve pushed your limits. Failure provides opportunities for learning and growth that move you toward success. Failure makes you endure and gives you a change of perspective, pushing you to think through what went wrong, what you shouldn’t have done and what you should do in the future. Failure pushes you to be honest about your motives and emphasizes your strengths and your weaknesses. Failure gives you the experience of recognizing situations for what they are, not what you hope they will be. Failure can refine your plans, your vision and your dreams. Failure shows you that you can survive and be stronger for the experience.

5. Remember Why You Loved.

Not to be confused with lust. Rather, pragma, ludus, eros, and agape love. All of which take time, maturity, and a conscious decision to love. Some of which we can only hope to experience in our lifetime. Remembering those people and things you have loved can spark a lot of emotions, from laughter and to tears, from warmth to coldness. Why you loved, and how you loved can reveal a lot about yourself. Some revelations will make you want to again fall in love; other revelations make you realize who you don’t want to be. Take some time to dwell on who and what you love and remember why you fell in love.

Whether you pull memories from old books, old boxes, old photographs, or from your mind, here’s to your week of remembering why.

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