“Monday 5 Things” with D. Paul Graham ….. Pip’s and Pita’s and Oops’s, Oh My…..

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Photo: D. Paul Graham / Two life-long friends in Guimarães, Portugal

Monday 5 Things….. Pip’s and Pita’s and Oops’s, Oh My…..

 I recently took a break from the day, wandering leisurely through a local used bookstore. The kind of bookstore that is cramped for space and has a somewhat chaotic yet eclectic system of how books are sorted, piled and stored. The kind of bookstore where I run my fingers over the edge of the shelves just to feel the age of the wood through the worn texture and grain. And that smell. Oh, that invigorating musty smell of words; of thought, of knowledge, of history; of creativity, of fiction, of truth, of lies; of travel, of living, of improving, of art, of music. Of learning. I smiled as I saw a copy of “The Five People You Meet In Heaven.” A wonderful book that I’ll re-read over Thanksgiving.  The book did take me to another thought; actually a question – what about five people we meet on earth? With Apple Pencil in one hand poised over my iPad, and a cleansing ale in the other hand, I sat on a patio and started playing with words and acronyms. The result? This morning’s M5T with an admittedly cheeky slant about people we meet on this side of eternity.

1. PIP’s.

We all have had our moments of being a VIP, even if in our own mind. If we are honest with ourselves, we like being seen with VIP’s. But there is a point in time where all VIP’s become PIP’s and it can be even uglier than the nastiest of VIP’s. I’m talking about Previously Important People. These PIP’s brandish their self-importance of by-gone days on their sleeve. They may not say it out loud, but live as if they are asking, “don’t you know who I was?”. Don’t be a PIP. PIPs should only make music with Gladys.

2. HALF’s.

These people are Harassing, Annoying, Limited, and Frustrating. They look out only for themselves, take from others, are often bullies, and quite ironically, are only living half a life because of their selfishness. Don’t live a HALF life. Life is meant to be lived fully.

3. PITA’s.

You know them. They are a Pain In The A#@. Enough said there. I try to avoid being a PITA and for years have had a no-pita policy in my business; I am finally getting around to adopting the same policy for my life as a whole. Don’t be a PITA. PITA’s are only good with hummus, gyros and falafels.

4. ELF’s.

I saved the best two for last. Don’t confuse these ELF’s with the mythical supernatural variant of teeny-tiny people who live in forests and mountains in lands far away. The ELF’s I’m talking about are Effortless, Loving and Feeling. ELF’s are easy to be around because they are relaxed and stress-free. They are friendly and non-judgmental. They like to laugh. A lot. They like to love. A Lot. ELF’s are energetic and enthusiastic. Quite simply, they are a joy to be around. Be an ELF. Even if you’re tall and don’t live near a forest or mountain.

5. OOPS’s.

Perhaps my favorite kind of person, and one I hope to become when I grow up. OOPS’s are Observant, Opinionated, Perceptive, and Sage. They are original. They listen because they genuinely care. They are anything but superficial. They are true friends, loyal and honest. Honest enough to let you know when you are being a PITA. An OOPS will have your back and your best interests at heart. They will be there, even when many years have passed. They will love you even when they disagree with you. They see your flaws and still continue to love you. They are compassionate and trustworthy. They are clever, shrewd, prudent and wise. They want you to succeed, to become a better person and make your friendship a priority. Be an OOPS. OOPS’s are never by accident.

Here’s to a week of dealing with all types of people and to being a better ELF and OOPS to those who are important in your life.

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