“Monday 5 Things” with D. Paul Graham…..Lessons from Bond…..

850 4622Photo: D. Paul Graham.  Used for promotional purposes for the movie ‘Thunderball’ , this 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was outfitted with all the Bond car toys. It is one of 3 surviving models and sold at by RM Sotheby’s at the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance for $6.4 million.

Monday 5 Things…..Lessons From Bond…..

Even mortality finally caught up with 007. Unless you either (a) have decidedly shunned any sort of media and technology, and/or (b) you live under or on the rock (ok, bad pun intended), you know that Sir Sean Connery passed away last week. Connery left a legacy as arguably the best spy in the franchise of British international men of mystery. This morning M5T shares some life lessons from the philosopher known simply as ‘Bond, James Bond’.

1. Always Be Aware.

Bond was always true to his country, his mission, and to himself. He knew who he was and what he was there for at all times. Bond was always confident with his decisions and convictions. He taught us that, above all, we should be cognizant of pun opportunities and use them whenever we can.

2. Be Classy.

Bonds have always been the classiest guy in the room; the embodiment and definition of savoir-faire. Be a gentleman. Know how to properly wear a tailored suit. Have at least one tuxedo in your closet and wear it whenever you can. Be engaged with people, be practiced in the art of conversation and be adroit with subtle flirting. 007 would never check his social media accounts in a casino or in the presence of a beautiful woman. Know how to work a room and properly order and hold a cocktail. Be skillful driving a cool car at speed.

3. Have a Geeky Friend.

It’s good to have that one geeky friend you can trust when you find yourself in need of the latest technology. Like when you need help with your Mac or the latest PC operating system upgrade – or perhaps outfitting previously said cool car with the best get-a-way gadgets, or hmm, perhaps a Geiger counter, a briefcase outfitted with tear gas and a .22 caliber rifle with infrared telescope, an underwater jetpack, a mini-rocket cigarette, and other sundry bits of the latest spy devices such as fingerprint scanners, machine guns, heat seeking missiles, or aerial mines that can be used when the situation calls for such things. You get double points if your geeky friend uses only one initial for their name.

4. Take Risks.

Everyone, even rookie spies yearning for their ‘00’ ranking, knows you have to take deliberate risks to save the world from tyrannical egotistical maniacs. But always be thinking one step ahead. Be adaptable and flexible to the situation because missions never go exactly as planned. Know where the exit doors are and have an escape route or backup plan. Taking risks doesn’t always mean with bad guys; Bond never missed an opportunity to take a risk with romance and love, even when he knew he might be double-crossed.

5. Never Say Never.

Be stoic because no one really wants to hear you complain about how difficult things are. Bond always remained calm and never gave up on his mission, even when he was strapped to a table, or bound to a chair with a laser beam inching closer and closer to cutting him in half. Even in the most dire of straights, Bond never surrendered and worked toward a solution and defeating the bad-guy.

Here’s to a week of continuing to be focused, being true to yourself, and living fully by defeating whatever and whoever the ‘bad guys’ may be in your life. Oh… and to martinis, shaken not stirred.

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