‘Monday 5 Things” with D. Paul Graham….. Child-like Innocence…..

Xpr30883Photo: D. Paul Graham, Doily artist unknown, circa 2018.

Monday 5 Things…. Child-Like Innocence …..

I don’t like a lot of clutter, in my life or in my house. But there are some things that I save – things that have meaning and are from significant moments in life. While preparing year end information for my accountant, I came across one such simple gift from a special moment in life that I shared in M5T 3 years ago. It put such a smile on my face, I wanted to share it with you once again. Enjoy.

While savoring an oversized Americano coffee between meetings at one of my most preferred caffeine dens in SAV, I looked up from my computer and partook in a bit of people watching. SCAD students and businesspeople… tattoos and bowties alongside piercings and briefcases make for an eclectic amalgam in this place. A mother with two small children was also enjoying a bit of time with a cup of coffee. One child was exploring, climbing the sofa like it was Mount Everest; the other was patiently working on some sort of artwork. He saw that I was watching, smiled broadly, and went back to creating his masterpieces. An incoming phone call diverted my attention, and my focus went back to my computer and being concerned with what Saint Exupery penned “matters of consequence”. But in the midst of such matters, I felt a tug on my suit jacket. It was the little artist from across the room. He handed me a piece of his art – a doily marked with paper and pen marks. He smiled and said this was “to make me happy” and promptly turned away. I watched as he handed a number of pieces of his original art to select people in the coffee shop. As I fought back tears, his innocence and caring inspired today’s M5T.

1. Be limitless.

Rethink how you view your world. Remind yourself how you were awed by the little things. Focus on the fantastical, not the mundane. Take time to be fascinated by the things that you’ve simply walked by every day without noticing. Create with abandon. Color outside the lines in all that you do.

2. Be in the present.

Take time to be unconcerned with what happened yesterday and what may or may not happen tomorrow. Be in the moment. Stop and let the sun warm your face. Lay down on the grass and find animals in the clouds. Inhale a new day with the splendor of a gold and orange sunrise. Exhale the day with the majesty of a sapphire blue and magenta sky at sunset. Put the umbrella down and let the rain dapple your skin.

3. Be vulnerable.

Share your feelings. Tell someone you love them. Tell someone they hurt you. Be genuine in saying sorry to someone you’ve hurt. Cry if something makes you sad, laugh at what you find funny, and especially be able to laugh at yourself. Laugh until you cry. Learn to trust again. Be playful. Sing at the top of your lungs in your car even when the people in the cars next to you laugh. Dance, even though you know you can’t.

4. Be curious.

Ask questions. Learn something new. Think of impossible things and how to make them possible. Take a journey around the world in your mind. Ask yourself what superhero you would be. Ask why… about everything. Stop to remind yourself just how much you have to be happy about.

5. Be a light.

Find the simplest of ways to make someone’s day, just to make them happy and expect nothing in return. Let others know that you’re grateful, that you’re thankful and that you’re glad to be in their presence. Give someone a gift of you; your time, your love, a handwritten note, or even a doily you make in a coffee shop. Don’t be on stage… just be yourself.

Here’s to a week of the child and the child-like innocence that is still within you.

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