“Monday 5 Things” with D. Paul Graham…..A New Year’s Primer…..


Photo: D. Paul Graham at 24e Design Co. in downtown Savannah

“Monday 5 Things” with D. Paul Graham…..A New Year’s Primer…..

And you may ask yourself, well… how did I get here?” With a nod to David Byrne, the Talking Heads and ‘Once In A Lifetime’, today’s M5T may enthuse some existential deliberation as you start the final week of this year. It seems to be general consensus that we can’t depart 2020 quick enough. As we prepare to socially distance ourselves headlong into the New Year, whilst stocking up with copious amounts of champagne and Googling the lyrics penned by Scot poet Robert Burns, this morning is intended to be a New Year’s Primer. Queries if you would, with no expounding on the part of your scribe. Rather, today I just raise the ostensibly simple questions of Who, What, Where, When, and Why; I shall leave it to you to decide how these will shape your world in 2021 and for the days of auld lang syne.


Who do you love? Who do you loath? Who can you walk with for hours? Who do you admire? Who admires you? Who do you talk with, deeply, truthfully?  Who should you forgive? Who do you trust? Who are your friends? Who believes in you? Who are you important to?

2. What?

What moves your heart? What are your passions? What is your life mission? What gives you peace? What gives you stress? What makes you laugh? What makes you cry? What are your dreams? What are your regrets? What drains you emotionally, physically, spiritually? What do you want to change in your life? What are your values? What are you hiding? What are you most grateful for? What do you love about yourself?

3. Where?

Where do you spend your money? Where do you spend your time? Where do you want to be? Where do you think? Where do you put your faith?

4. When?

When are you most at peace? When are you most fearful? When do you pray? When are you most disciplined? When do you feel most free? When do you feel most caged? When was the last time you said you loved you? When was the last time you admitted a mistake and honestly said you were sorry? When are you at your best? When do you feel most alive?

5. Why?

Personally, the question ‘why’ is my favorite. It is perhaps the most powerful question that you can pose. Asking why probes deeper; it fosters curiosity and change. It inspires understanding, learning and honesty, communication and confidence. You may ask yourself ‘why?’ for each answer you have to each of these questions. You may also ask yourself ‘why not?’ for each answer you have to each of these questions.

As we prepare to leave these last few days and hours of 2020 behind us, here’s to the questions you may ask yourself and to being honest with yourself with the answers uncovered. And I shall raise a toast to you my fellow M5Ters, while we take a cup o’kindness yet for days of auld land syne, with heartfelt wishes for a happy and wildly successful New Year to you, your family and your friends!

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D. Paul Graham is passionate about people, culture, photography and business. He has embraced his wanderlust with his travels around the globe and is at peace with his need for spirited drives in all things automotive.

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