“Monday 5 Things”™….. When Ya Gotta Go …..

850 6119Photo: D. Paul Graham, “Life on a Beach” circa 2020

“Monday 5 Things”™….. When Ya Gotta Go …..

And on a distinctly lighter note this week, do you think that Aristotle, Socrates, Kant, Nietzsche, Confucius and the other usual philosopher subjects were ever tempted to share their wisdom in the loo? Apparently, the Romans were quite fond of graffiti, but I presume WCs were somewhat different in their time. I also suspect that ink wells and quill pens didn’t travel all that well; plus, Sharpies weren’t invented until 1964. But I digress. For years I have kept a data base of quotes that I have heard in conversations and meetings, interloped on, or read. This morning’s first Monday Things I read on the wall of a loo years ago at one of my favorite pizza joints. As I read it, I laughed out loud (this was pre-texting years and was a real LOL) and had my best Roger Daltrey scream going on in my head. Now, situationally, my heartily laughing out loud was likely very disconcerting to the man standing beside me at the next urinal, but that was his problem. At least I kept the Daltry scream in my head. This morning’s M5T shares some of my favorite quotes of Loo philosophy.

1. Existentialism.

“Question Everything!


Why Not?

Who are you?

Who, who, who, who, whoooo are you?”

2. Controlled.

“The dictatorship of the routine.” “The tyranny of day-timers.”

3. Cleaned Up.

“Laundry – sorting out life one load at a time”. “For a good time, call your grandma and invite her for dinner.”

4. Philosopher Kings.

“Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul”. “I have a theory that you can make any quote seem profound by putting the name of a dead philosopher at the end of it. – Plato”

5. Vivacity.

“Wake up. Kick Ass. Be Kind. Repeat.”

Here’s to a week of hearty laughs, Roger Daltry screams where appropriate, and finding wisdom in all sorts of places.

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