“Monday 5 Things”™….. Up and At ’Em …..

850 6536Photo: D. Paul Graham, ‘Daytona Beach Sunrise’ circa 2019

“Monday 5 Things”™….. Up and At ’Em …..

Ahhh yes. It’s Monday. The second Monday of the New Year. Thousands of resolutions already broken or forgotten. Grab ahold and control the day before it controls you. Yes, it’s Monday and this morning’s Monday 5 Things is about getting up and get going.  You’ve got this!


1. Get Up.

Sometimes half the battle of the day is just getting out of bed. Take a long stretch. Drink some water. Drink some coffee or tea. I highly recommend to leave the scotch or bourbon until the end of the day, but to each his or her own I suppose. Whatever your routine is, stick to what works for you. Then, just like your momma told you, make your bed. You’ll be glad you did when you get home tonight.

2. Power Up.

Take some time for just you, to pray, to look inward, and to stake a positive mindset for the day. Grab ahold of your power. Shift gears to be your most extraordinary you. Discipline yourself to maximize your efforts to tackling the big issues of the day. Outsource or delegate what you can for the other stuff. Push through your fears and your insecurities. Refuse to waste energy by complaining, gossiping, or allowing toxic people to draw your power from you. Focus on your strengths not your weaknesses. Decide to make changes today in your life and in the lives of others that you share this day with.

3. Show Up.

Just. Be. There. Show up, be present, and focus on the process. Go the extra mile. In everything with everyone. Stand out in the crowd. Be intentional, take action, and create opportunities for yourself and others. Lead by example with a servant’s heart. Be the source of the solution to the problem. Question group-think and interject to speak your mind. Always.

4. Be Up.

Make a conscious decision to recognize that you can refuse to let things or people frustrate you. Refuse to let things, position, or others define you. Rebuff the ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’ mindset and be thankful in all you have, all that you are able to do, and for all the people that you love. Smile. A lot. Laugh. Even more. Practice forgiveness, compassion, and listening. Embrace the experience of the right now. Know your self-worth.

5. Look Up.

Know where you put your faith. Know your values and beliefs. Then live them. Audaciously and without apology.

Here’s to the remaining 355 daily opportunities in 2022 to recognize and act on the Up’s in your life.

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