“Monday 5 Things”™….. Up Above …..

Dji 0171Photo: D. Paul Graham, ‘Serenbe Labyrinth’, circa 2019

“Monday 5 Things”™….. Up Above …..

Labyrinths come in many shapes and sizes. And types. Beside physical labyrinths, there are labyrinths of the mind, situational labyrinths, spiritual labyrinths, metaphysical labyrinths, existential labyrinths, and relationship labyrinths. Some labyrinths are quite simple to solve. Most are complex, challenging and the best allow for a good walk and reflection while seeking the path to the core, the center of the design.  No matter the type or situation, any labyrinth can be deciphered by rising above and seeing the nuances, the paths, the dead-ends, and the most direct passageway to the labyrinth’s solution. This morning’s M5T considers rising up. Up above the fray, the noise, the confusion, the demands, and the clatter of all that is around us to get to the center of our own personal labyrinths.

1. Stand Up.

Be deliberate, transparent, and authentic. Develop confidence. Don’t attack back – clarify first. Choose your battles. When you battle, battle hard. Define what’s really wrong. Value your time. Respect yourself. Only you can validate you. Get comfortable in being selfish. If it bothers you, say so. Learn the power of saying no.

2. Shut Up.

Know when to let go and just be quiet. Keep your ego in check. When in doubt, invoke the ear to mouth ratio. Be aware of the situation. Put your phone down. Ask questions first. Don’t engage in gossip. Keep your anger in check. Learn the power of the pause.

3. Show Up.

Be engaged, intentional and invested. Make no excuses. Focus on positive outcomes. Be generous – with others and with yourself. Hustle. Serve. Succeed. Repeat. Recognize a need that you can fill. Always add value. Be the chess player not the chess piece. Use your skills and talents. Learn the power of not giving up.

4. Speak Up.

Make no assumptions. Your silence is often deemed to be acceptance or approval. If you don’t understand, ask for clarification. Listen to your inner voice. It’s ok to ask for help. Set clear boundaries, Chances are you are not the only one thinking what you are thinking. Be honest with others. Advocate. Be willing to be vulnerable. Learn the power of your voice.

5. Smarten up.

Read something different every day. You’re not perfect – deal with it. Question – everything. Explore your curiosity. Observe, evaluate, reflect. Exercise, your mind, your spirit, your faith, your body. Refuse the status quo. Push back on the media mindset. Remain relevant. Take time to think for yourself. Create something. Teach someone something. Change your perspective. Be open to new ideas. Learn the power of learning.

Here’s to a week of upping all things to recognize and solve labyrinth designs in your life.

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