“Monday 5 Things”™….. Terms and Conditions Apply …..

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“Monday 5 Things”™….. Terms and Conditions Apply …..

Driving through the pouring rain in Atlanta this weekend, we listened to short Tim Ferris podcasts from his book ‘Tools of Titans’. Each segment focused on the routines and habits of successful men and women. It’s a book I haven’t read in some time and will pick it up again when I get home. The podcasts sparked thoughts on defining success in life. No matter how you personally define it, there are terms and conditions that will apply. Today M5T ruminates on the T&C’s of success.

1. Choices

We all can to decide where we spend our time and how we choose to be around us. We can avoid feel insane inside by choosing to eliminate, or at the very least to minimize, obnoxious, toxic, and selfish people in our life. The law of attraction is a mindset: like does attract like; success breeds success – you can act on a mindset of what and who you attract into your life. You can choose the five people in your life that support and encourage your dream. People that ultimately impact your success. You can also choose the five people that impact your failure. It’s your choice. Choose to be remarkable, show up, to be the best person you can be. Define what you are willing to do and then choose to work harder than anyone else, to do those things no one else is willing to do. Goals dictate your actions.

2. Timing

I have found, mostly because I used to, and can sometimes still, fall into the trap of allowing time to be imposed on me by activities and the will of others, rather than imposing my will on time. The adage that that ‘time doesn’t fill me – I fill time’ is one that I try to live by. Every day, I question what I am procrastinating on, why I’m procrastinating, and where my time would be better spent. Deadlines dictate efficient of use of time. Success demands focus and an imposition of your will. Healthy and successful relationships with the people you love and care about are shaped and nurtured by understanding how time is used.

3. Accomplishments

In my mergers and acquisition life, you’re as good as your last deal. Experience is necessary, but accomplishments are everything. I’ve found that truly successful people don’t have to describe themselves with hyperbole or embellishments. Rather, the most successful people I know talk about what they’ve done factually and with honesty.  Success and accomplishments come from always paying your dues, from contributing to yourself and others each and every day, without expecting anyone else to do things for you. You are entitled to your own fruit, so take it.

4. Failures

As I have added my tally of years, I have come to realize that failure is an accomplishment. In my youth I was tremendously fearful of failure, in all areas of my life. At some point along the way, as cliché as it is, I learned that failure has been, and will continue to be, my best teacher and catalyst to some of the successes I’ve had and will continue to have in my life. I seek out constructive criticism, even when that criticism makes me wince. I’ve learned to embrace my failures, to own them as mine and mine alone, without excuse. Learn from failure and succeed because of it.

5. Extra Mile

Much about success, in any area of life, is first quite simply just showing up, but then being willing to go the extra mile that takes you above and beyond the expectations of others.  The more you do so, the more you realize that the extra mile is a vast unpopulated land rife with opportunity. The extra mile creates opportunities to challenge yourself, to take calculated risks, to learn, to impress, and to form stronger, healthier relationships. That extra mile allows you to act, to take control, and to define your success.  Be early. Stay late. Make the extra call. Have one more meeting. Do the research. Help someone. Don’t wait to be asked. Adopt an extra mile mindset with every task, every objective, every relationship by asking yourself, “what is the one additional thing I can do?”, time and time again.

Here’s to a week of success that is defined on your terms and conditions.

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