“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Split The Difference …..

Img00003 20100704 1629 1 3Photo: D. Paul Graham, “Red White & Blue Cupcakes”, US Embassy, Ottawa Canada July 4th, 2004

“Monday 5 Things”™ …..  Split The Difference …..

I lived in Southern Ontario and now live in the southeast of Georgia. I believe that I am uniquely qualified as a southerner on both sides of the border. One of the benefits of being an ex-pat is that we get to double our celebrations of Canada Day and the 4th of July (as well as two Thanksgivings). As a public service yet again this year, M5T splits the difference between the two dates and looks at some of the differences between these two great countries of ‘Merica and the land of Eh, abooot, and overly polite apologies.

1.  8 Weeks. 

On July 1st, Canadians celebrate Canada Day and on July 4th, Americans celebrate, quite profoundly, the 4th of July. Here in Savannah, this means 8 more weeks of hades-like heat and humidity and having to make the choice between staying in air conditioned indoors or showering multiple times a day. In Canada, this means 8 more weeks until you close up the cottage or pool and having to make the choice between winterizing the lawn mower or tuning up the snow blower.

2. Look Both Ways.

If you don’t believe me on this on, check it out. The lit “walking man” at a cross walk in Canada has a longer stride than the “walking man” in the US. No really. I notice these things. I’m not sure of the reason but suspect it is because, that for half the year, Canadians need a longer stride to get over the slushy snowbanks at stop lights.

3. Leadership?

The US has a former President that won the Noble Peace Prize before he did anything. Canada has a Prime Minister that was made a superhero on the cover of a Marvel Comic Book before he did anything. The Prime Minister addresses the president as “Mr. President”. The President addresses the Prime Minister as “Justin”. Trudeau, not that other Justin named Bieber. Both the current President and Prime Minister like to spend more money than they have. Neither country really wants Bieber.

4. Of age.

In Canada you can vote and go to war when you are 18, and legally drink when you turn 19. In the US, you can vote and go to war when you are 18 but can’t be trusted to have alcohol until you’re 21. In Canada, you’re born with arms. In the US, bearing arms is an amendment right.

5. Icons, Royalty, & Rock Stars.

America has icons of the eagle, the Super Bowl and had a “Miracle on Ice”. Canada has the beaver, a Cup names Stanley  (sadly, Lord Stanley has yet again been kidnapped for another year south of the 49th), and invented ice. Canada still loves their Queen, and now the King formerly know as Prince,  despite finally achieving sovereignty in 1982. Rush is still Canadian royalty. The US fought to leave the Queen (ok, technically Henry II – work with me here) but still loves Freddie, even though he is from Britain.

Here’s to the two best countries in the world and a week of celebrating independence in our own unique ways. Happy Canada Day and 4th of July celebrations for you, your family and friends.

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