“Monday 5 Things”™…..Short Minutes & Many Moments…..

Xpr32682Photo: D. Paul Graham, ‘OK Waiting Time’,  OK Cafe, Atlanta 2021

“Monday 5 Things”™…..Short Minutes & Many Moments…..

One of my favorite breakfast places to start a day in Atlanta is the iconic OK Café. After a late Saturday brunch, belly’s full and in the pain zone from indulging in some great southern cooking, we walked past the sign that shows the amount of ‘short minutes’ of time needed to wait in line for a table. From today, there are 82 days left in 2021. Each day filled with 1,440 short minutes. This morning’s M5T uses some of those minutes to once again reflect on the 1,440 unique opportunities that we will have today. 1,440 short occasions to recognize and seize upon the moments that we will encounter today.

1. Fleeting Moments.

Those moments that are rare; they seem to be few and far between. The kind that you wish would happen again, but you know may never happen again. You just know when your mind, body and soul converge with the moment. An impact of a moment that stays with you for the rest of your life. Fleeting moments can be ones that you wish you had seized on yet perhaps thankful you didn’t. They can be moments to cherish or moments to regret. A moment in which you should have said something or moments that you are glad you stayed silent. They are outside of the routine or the expected. They can fill you with a sense of awe, of bewilderment or reverence. They can be part of the mystery and beauty of what we experience in life when we leave our selves open to such moments.

2. Connecting Moments.

Connecting moments are special moments in time. Connecting moments move you to your core. They can happen when you meet someone with a story that resonates with you; from a song, a poem, or a story that strikes a chord for you. Connecting moments can be moments of change and clarity. They can be moments of revelation and recognition or moments of truth. Connecting moments can make you slow down to listen or speed up and transform your thinking.

3. Laughing Moments.

True laughing moments are spontaneous. The best laughing moments can fill your eyes with cheerful tears, make your ribs ache, and leave you breathless. Laughing moments are healthy. Laughing moments help us not to take our lives and ourselves so seriously. Laughing is therapeutic, helps reduce stressful anxious situations and helps us stay positive.

4. Pivotal Moments.

These moments literally change our lives. For good or bad. Pivotal moments are the moments where you know you need to make a choice. Turning points. Or points where you choose not to turn. Pivotal moments can literally be points of life or death. Moments where you decide if a failure will keep you down, or if you will claw your way back up, even for the umpteenth time. Moments where you stop feeling sorry for yourself and decide to move forward. On your terms. Moments where you choose to be true to yourself. Pivotal moments can be points of healing, of conversion, or forgiveness. Pivotal moments are profound, intense, and emotional. Pivotal moments are a culmination of life decisions that coalesce at a specific point in time, compelling a decision to be made.

5. Divine Moments.

I call them ‘Divine Appointments’ and I believe they are the best kind of moments and realizations that can be shared with another person. You need to be aware of who and what is going on around you to recognize divine appointments. The kind of moment when you realize the odds of who you have met and what you are experiencing are slim to none. Divine appointments go beyond happenstance or coincidence. They are empowering and affirming. They help you recognize what is missing in your life or what you can contribute to the life of someone else. Divine appointments can last a few short minutes, hours or days. Or a lifetime. No matter how long, these moments affect you for the rest of your life.

Here’s to using your 1,440 wisely today and to recognizing and embracing the irreplaceable moments of your life this week.

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