“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Savor …..

850 8798Photo: D. Paul Graham, “Warner”, Savannah 2022

“Monday 5 Things”™  ….. Savor ….

The sheer glee and mischievous look on Warner’s face as he savored the chocolate and fruit kept me laughing through the entire shoot for Edible Arrangements and South Magazine.  I’ve been savoring life in fresh ways of late and this image seemed fitting for this morning’s M5T as we find some time to savor the start of a new week.

1. Right here. Right now.

Savor what you have instead of what you might have. Allow yourself to be absorbed in the moment for what it is. Intensify your senses and use them fully, richly. Prioritize what is most important to you and refuse to accept the urgency of others. Don’t wish. Do.

2. Pathways and treadmills.

Savor slowing down to focus on the most important people and things in your life. Step off the treadmill of desire. Focus and amplify the positive. Refuse to go down roads to nowhere. Amplify excellence and abhor mediocrity.

3. Enough.

Savor quality over quantity. Make more meaning in your life. Enough said there.

4. Get to.

Savor what you get to do rather than what you have to do. Be mindful of your blessings and appreciate how fortunate you are. Reframe your thinking to take control of what you can. Release what you can’t control. Consciously shape more ‘get to’ moments into your life. Practice expressing gratitude for what you are doing. Always.

5. Love.

Savor the people that you love in your life. Savor those things you love to do in life, the things that make your heart race. Pay close attention to what is going on around you, who is in your life, and who is coming into your life. Foster, capture, and preserve positive moments. Give yourself permission to savor loving and being loved.

Here’s to a week of savoring all that you have in your life, all that will come into your life, and to choosing only the best for your life that you can savor with glee.

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