“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Right Here, Right Now …..

850 0373Photo: D. Paul Graham, “Be The Present”, Present Hotel, Savannah, circa 2022

“Monday 5 Things”™  …..  Right Here, Right Now …..

“Right here, right now / there is no other place I want to be / Right here, right now / watching the world wake up from history.” ~ ‘Right Here, Right Now’, Jesus Jones

I turned Spotify up, pushing the limits of my rental car sound system, and drummed along on my steering wheel, with tremendous flourish may I add, whilst singing at the top of my lungs. Odd looks from other drivers at stop lights did nothing to quell my enthusiasm for the song. Besides, it may be a while before I’m back in Austin. For me, the song has always been about living for today. Replaying the song, continuing to drum and sing, I began to muse further about the title. We only have the right now. How can I live my life fuller right now? What do I need to say today? Who do I need to say it to? Right Here Right Now. This morning’s M5T centers on just that.

1. Right Here, Right Now. Reflect.

Who has had the biggest impact on your life? What and who do you value most in your life? What commitments are most important to you? Stick to them. Without wavering and without apology. Evaluate where you are using your time. Be ruthless in where and who you spend your time with. Spend your best time, with your best people, and with your best efforts. Choose quality over quantity. Always. Be prepared to recognize and act on the right moments at the right time.

2. Right Here, Right Now. Be Grateful.

Honor those in your life with gratefulness. Take control with a mindset of gratitude – be thankful for the many experiences, good and bad, that have shaped you. Be thankful for what you can change in your life. Be aware of everyone around you. Take advantage of every minute of your day. Be attentive and responsive. Seek out the unseen. Celebrate. Often.

3. Right Here, Right Now. Love.

The pace of change seems to increase every day. Don’t wait to tell someone that you think about them, that you care about them, and that you love them. They may not be here tomorrow. Be fearless and selfless in showing your love. Unveil your trust and be tolerant. Give yourself permission to love you.

4. Right Here, Right Now. Encourage.

Take time to offer genuine, sincere compliments. Listen to someone’s dream. Ask them questions with your full attention and without judgement or negativity. Let them know you believe in them, that they are important to you. Let them know why they are amazing. Be a fan. A big fan.

5. Right Here, Right Now. Words.

Whether written or verbalized, words are important. They matter. Words are immensely powerful; words can build up or tear down. Use your words without ambiguity. Communicate with clarity, and veracity. Forget the email or text – go old school and write that letter you’ve been putting off. Use your words to inspire, to clarify, to excite, to build bridges, to create, to share ideas and experiences, to calm a tense situation, to influence, to love, to transform minds, and even to forgive.

Here’s to a week of Right Here, Right Now in all you do.

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