“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Press On …..

Dsc 9344 1Photo: D. Paul Graham, “Press Here”, Kensington, London circa 2017

“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Press On …..

As we start this week leading up to Thanksgiving, I have spent a lot of time being just that. Thankful. Thankful for so many and so much in my life and yet I have this sense of restlessness as the end of the year approaches. A restlessness that, I think, is a healthy state of state. It’s a state of mind of pressing on. Pressing on to affirmative attitudes, constructive changes, elevated expectations, and fearless faith. And so, this morning’s M5T Presses On.

1. Press on to Thankfulness

No matter what you are facing, press on to recognize and acknowledge just how much you have to be thankful for. For food on our table, the beauty of a sunrise, the calm of a sunset. All the people in your life that bring you joy and love. For people who have been kind to you with no other reason than thoughtfulness. For every day that ends in the letter ‘y’. Moments of quiet and solitude. For the time to think. For free-will and our ability to make choices, right or wrong. The smell of a fresh cup of coffee as you read this and start your day. To celebrate you and even the smallest moments of victory and joy.

2. Press on to Excellence

To go above and beyond in all that you do; foremost for you and then for friends, family, and clients. To be passionate. To love deeper, laugh louder, and forgive quicker. To have the courage to break down barriers, to sacrifice where needed, to renew passions, to take steps of faith, and to choose excellence despite uncertainty. To be resolute in surpassing the ordinary. To dream and dream big. To recognize that you were designed for excellence.

3. Press on through Tyranny

Press on through the tyrannies of day-timers, pettiness, lethargy, and mediocrity. To transcend negativity and toxic habits. To speak up, speak your mind, and speak the truth. To react consciously rather than habitually. To push through superficiality, fears, the black holes of profound sadness, and unhealthy egos. To persevere through oppression, opposition, dissent, and disharmony.

4. Press on to Creativity

To be inventive and live your dreams. To change your perspective, to see colors, light, and people differently. To embrace the imperfection of a full life. To think positively. To seek out fresh ideas and open new chapters in your life. Play. Laugh. Cry. Repeat as often as you can. To love and respect the self that only you know.

5. Press on to Inspire

To be a motivator and an inspiration. To embody and manifest your dreams. To strengthen, to be a non-conformist to conformity, and to be a warrior for righteousness. Press on to committing to a life of communication and intimacy. To making a mindful positive impact. To continue to take risks to make a change, to inspire. In your life. In the lives of other that you encounter along the way.

Here’s to a week of pressing on, pushing through, and persevering to move on from where you are to where you want to be.

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