Monday 5 Things™…..Practice…..

20180609 850 3833Photo: D. Paul Graham / Stables at Serenbe, Chatahoochee Hills, Georgia circa 2018

Monday 5 Things™…..Practice…..

Settling into my seat on the red eye from SFO back to SAV a couple of weeks ago, I was thumbing through my Kindle library for something to read before I put my seat back to sleep. I decided on Aristotle’s ‘Nicomachean Ethics’ – just a little light reading before the pilots called out V1 for takeoff. Not only did I find some fodder for a future M5T, but I came across a highlight I had made during a previous read of Ari’s revelations on living a fulfilled life. “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” In other words, practice. This morning’s M5T looks at practical practices we can all adopt for fuller, richer lives.

1 . Momentum.

Momentum, by definition, demands that energy is exerted to start moving forward. Practiced momentum keeps us focused, energized and in control. Momentum can help work through obstacles and fears in our lives. Momentum drives actions and is the force that moves us to success, winning, and victory for our goals and dreams.

2. Wonder.

Practiced wonder is that child-like state of delight and awe of the things and people around us. Wonder keeps us curious, positive, and appreciative for all we experience. Take some time this week to immerse yourself in the simplest of things around you – the colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset, the sounds around you as you take a walk, focus on your breathing, immerse yourself in some art, literature, or music. Break out of your daily habits and routines. Do something good without wanting something in return.

3. Consistency.

Practiced consistency builds trust, routines, and momentum. Goals can only be achieved through consistent actions, mindsets, and commitments. Consistency develops and maintains healthy habits and can provide predictability in an increasingly unpredictable world. Practiced consistency creates trust not only in your own personal decisions but for others who depend on you; it defines the principles and ethics by which you choose to live your life.

4. Perspective.

Practiced perspective lets you see things around you and understand the people that come into your life every day. Perspective is a matter of choices; you can you choose to be positive, and make the choice to refuse complacency, mediocrity, and gossip. Perspective allows you to try to understand the motives and actions of others, even when they go against your beliefs. Practiced perspective allows you to listen, comprehend, and love, fully and genuinely. Perspective allows you to sort through the chaff of the clamoring of media and focus on finding and living truth.

5. Faith.

Faith is derived from Latin, ‘fides’ meaning confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept. Practiced faith is the conviction and confidence in a higher power. It is the assurance in what we believe; faith is a firm persuasion and trust in something we don’t see. Faith engages our hearts, our minds, and our spirit. Faith goes beyond the temporal and gives us a focal point for eternity and a perspective for love. Practiced faith is the basis of our ethics, our morality, and the deepest aspects of our inner self.

And to borrow the punch line of a Lenny Bruce joke, here’s to a week of practice, practice, practice to get to whereever you want to go.

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