“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Power Moves …..

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“Monday 5 Things”™ …..  Power Moves …..

The word power is derived from the Latin word, ‘potere’ that means, “to be able”.  I’ve been fascinated by power my whole life. My first memory of power was as a precocious kid. If I heard my mother use my full name in that clipped British accent that seemed to only be used when she was displeased, she had the power to be able to stop me in my tracks wherever I was. I may not have known what I did wrong, but I knew I had done something. And it most likely wasn’t good. Mom also taught me the good that comes from the power of a smile, a kind word, and love. We’ve all been confronted with the good, the bad and ugly of uses of power by others. We’ve all used the good, the bad and the ugly sides of power for ourselves. On this Presidents’ Day, M5T considers Power Moves that enable us to live better, love better, and to simply be better, if only for ourselves first.

1. Authenticity

Sartre said that authenticity is fundamental to the notion of freedom and living a meaningful life. The power of authenticity allows you to define how you show up for your relationships, your work, yourself. It is not about asking yourself “what do I have” but rather, “what am I”. There is power in taking responsibility for how we choose to live our life; to owning up to ourselves and facing the truth. Authenticity is a process not an outcome and allows you to avoid self-deception. Being inauthentic is exhausting. An authentic life is natural and fuels the power to stop being on stage, putting on a show, or wearing mask. There is vulnerability and a cost to being authentic; the cost of living an authentic life can result in conflict with those who want you to be someone else. The cost-of-living what others want you to be puts you in conflict with yourself. It’s your choice, your life.

2. Prayer

The power of prayer invites heaven’s resources into your life. Prayer slows things down and brings a focus on reality. Prayer is humbling and goes far deeper beyond the ask or wish lists of things we want. Prayer aligns us with God and gives us power that comes from God, not our selves. In a world of uncertainty, insecurity, subjective values, outright lies, and lack of leadership, the power of prayer can transform, renew, heal, and bring light to darkness.

3. Veracity

Truth is always simpler than living a lie. The power of truth is the foundation of character. Truth is constant and leads to courageous living. Truth is constructive and builds-up; lies are destructive and self-defeating. Truth changes people, starting with ourselves. The power of truth allows us to search, to question, and to speak with love.

4. Focus

Focus is a learned skill and is built up like muscles. The power of focus allows for purpose, identifies potential, and makes room for abundance. Focus develops abilities and fosters dreams. The power of focus keeps us on track and eliminates distractions in life. Focus isolates an awareness and a ruthlessness of where and how your time is used. The power of focus fosters a singular focus to the task at hand. It creates a roadmap to plan, to prioritize, to delegate, and to declutter.

5. Positivity

Positivity is a choice that nurtures growth and attracts others. The power of a positive mindset allows you to think and live outside the box of expectations of others. The power of positivity can change situations and combats negative toxic people. Positivity asserts, affirms, and allows for living in the moment, right here, right now. The power of positivity avoids a victim mentality, leads to success, and prepares for thankfulness for a goal before you achieve it. Positivity embraces gratitude for the lessons learned from hardships, disappointments, and failures. It is your choice to make today.

Here’s to tapping into your own power moves for a formidable week.

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