“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Packing-Ponderings …..

20181104 850 8303 CopyPhoto: D. Paul Graham, “Abandoned”, Melrose Resort, Daufuskie Island, circa 2018

“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Packing-Ponderings …..

And the packing continues. It may have been the walk down memory lane as I went through boxes and files deciding what to keep or shred. Or it could have been that the 100+ degree temperature that seemingly turned my garage into a broiler with yours truly being cooked as the main course. And so, I pondered. Many things. Some funny things. Some sad things. Some strange things. Some esoteric things. Some things that I won’t share to protect the innocent, the not so innocent, and the guilty. I will however offer up five packing-ponderings as a light-hearted and simple M5T to start your week.

1. Patti’s Pup.

The question was asked often, but we never found out just how much that doggie in the window was.

2. Reconnecting.

Is it a good idea to try and reconnect with my imaginary childhood friend? Is it possible he is on Facebook?

3. Everybody? Really?

I don’t care how frightening it might have been. I find it extraordinarily hard to believe that EVERYBODY was Kung Fu fighting. Huh!

4. FB Mysteries.

Why do I have such a love hate relationship with Facebook? Why does someone keep trying to impersonate my account? Is my imaginary childhood friend behind such deception? Why do so many people post selfies taken in bathrooms?

5. Faith, Hope, & Love.

Psalm 37, Psalm 51:10-12, and 1 Corinthians 13:13. All good food for thought this week.

Here’s to a week of ponderings, questions, laughter, and not taking yourself so seriously.

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