“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Of Ari, Randy, James, Bill, & 4 Brits …..

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“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Of Ari, Randy, James, Bill, & 4 Brits …..

Aristotle wrote in his seminal tome, “Ethics”, that there are three types of friendship. The first is a friendship of utility or advantage. Each person may not even really like each other, but there is a mutually profitable relationship in which each person provides something that the other needs. The second is a friendship based on pleasure or fun. Once the fun stops, a deeper friendship can break through. The third and most profound, is what Aristotle called the “friendship of good-will”. A genuine friend that loves another for the sake of that other person. In a word, “true”. With a nod to Aristotle, and other lesser recognized philosophers Randy Newman, James Taylor, Bill Withers, and the Beatles, today’s M5T looks at true friendship.

1. Care

A true friend, cares about your life and well-being, your deepest thoughts, ideas, elations, anxieties, and heartaches. Who knows you as a friend and who do you call a friend?

2. Honesty

A true friend will listen, look deeper, and give you their honest opinion without embarrassment or fear of rejection. Who knows you as a friend and who do you call a friend?

3. Aware

A true friend will notice subtle changes in your life, initiate conversations that need to be had, rejoice with you when you have success, will call you out when you are wrong and willingly forgive you. Who knows you as a friend and who do you call a friend?

4. Contributes

A true friend will make sacrifices to work on your friendship, love you too much to see you stay stuck in a rut, encourage you to move forward, and contribute to a vigorous life. Whose life do you contribute you and who contributes to yours?

5. Trust

A true friend is trustworthy, will make you a better person, support you through adversity, and understands that if these are not reciprocated, then the friendship is not a true one. Who do you trust and who trusts you as a friend?

Here’s to a week of being a true friend and recognizing those that if even when the road looks rough ahead and you’re miles and miles away, you can call out their name, you know that you can lean on them, and even if you sing out of tune, you’ll get by with a little help from your friends.

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